Star Trek Discovery

So, did we all watch Star Trek Discovery this week? Amidst controversy about how you actually got to view the newest addition to the Star Trek universe, I found it generally enjoyable. Action, some fantastic characters, rebellion! What was not to love?

Well apart from if you aren’t really a fan of scifi, I guess. I’ve read a bit of bad press though – from Star Trek fans. ‘This isn’t Star Trek!’ ‘It doesn’t feel right.’ Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

You aren’t going to please everybody. Nostalgia plays a big part of a Trekkie’s love and this addition was up-to-date CGI and graphics wise. The acting was quite good – I mean it wasn’t oscar worthy, but it didn’t need to be. Most importantly, the characters were believable, which is a must for a Scifi show.

You just know there is going to be so much more to come in this series. I’ve got  a feeling Spock is going to feature somewhere – even if it is just his name.

I thought the Klingon dialogue was overused somewhat. I was having a short conversation with a fellow writer friend and I said that I though the Klingon language is harsh and distracting, which takes your focus off reading the subtitles along the bottom. The Klingon sections are important to the greater plot and so you really do need to buy in to the justification of the feelings expressed in those scenes. A little hard when you are too focused on the characters and if they look weird or not. (‘Surely they don’t look like Warf,’ I remember saying.)

But the two part episode was exciting. It’s the most exciting Star Trek TV I’ve seen since Deep Space Nine – a favourite of mine.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what is to come. I’m expecting more explosions and more deaths along the way.

Star Trek Discovery is available on Netflix over here in the UK.

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