I have a wishlist the size of … well, what’s that’s saying? How long is a piece of string? Seriously, i probably have somewhere between 100 and 150 books on my Amazon wishlist alone. I also have a handwritten list in my filing cabinet.

And … new books are released every week! Lots of them! Can you believe it? I often wander down the book aisles of supermarkets and nip into Waterstones whenever I am in a city that has one just to see the books. There’s always at least one that catches my eye. I will usually take a photo with my phone and then add it to my wishlist or investigate the author further when I get back home.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I have plenty of books to be getting on with. That’s a given right? Every book lover knows what I’m talking about. That dreaded TBR PILE (to be read). You could have a thousand books to read and we bookworms will see a book, smell it, and then possibly buy it. It’s a genuine condition; I wonder if any author has ever written about TBR that have gotten out of hand? – RL Stine, possibly Goosebumps idea there.

So why am I being haunted by books I’ve already read. They are done … dusted … they gave me enjoyment … I have fond memories, but new books are calling me. They are lonely and need me as their friend.

I’ll stop with the silly talk now, I promise.

Although, seriously, I can’t stop thinking about books I’ve already read. Every year, on average, I usually reread two books I’ve already read. I get this impulse to reread a fantastic book that I want to re-live all over again.

But this year is different. I can’t stop mulling next to my bookcase and picking out brilliant books I loved and wanting to read them all over again. And while that isn’t really a problem – books are supposed to be loved and reread, but what am I to do with my TBR pile? I’ve got books on order at the library.

Books are universal, I know that. They stand the test of time – especially if they have memorable characters and amazing storylines. At the end of last year (2016) and creeping into January, I already reread Dionne Lister’s new dark fantasy opener Tempering the Rose in anticipation of the next instalment coming out very soon. But I’m already rereading another book at the moment (The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan). AND I’ve picked out the next few books I want to reread too. Namely Angelology by Danielle Trussoni, The Story of Egypt by Joann Fletcher (which subsequently inspired my short story Ana’s Trial), as well as Sharon Sant’s YA debut Sky Song.

Where do I start? I don’t want to miss the new releases by and fall behind. I’m desperate to read some of them. Especially some of the ones releasing very soon. Perhaps I should take a week ‘sick’ and drag my fridge into the living room, setting up shop so I don’t have to lug my fat ass off the settee. I could read all day every day for a week and satisfy this strange, weird impulse I’ve been having.

What I want to know is: Do you ever get the impulse to reread books you loved? Even when you are in the middle of perfectly enjoyable books already.

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