The Golden Lyre Out Now


The Golden Lyre is out now!The whole point of having a trilogy is, you know, writing one. Despite a few setbacks, The Golden Lyre is now available. It is Book 2 in my fantasy The Black Petal trilogy, with The Black Petal being the first. A paperback release is just around the corner too for those of you that love a physical book to hold. I will of course update you guys when it is out there in the world.

If you haven’t read the first book then do not worry. You can purchase it right here, or if you don’t mind, there is a ‘Story So Far‘ section at the beginning of The Golden Lyre.

The Black Petal was just the beginning. Choices need to be made.

The Seriburg Wastelands smoulder with ash, destruction, and bodies …

But two bodies stir beneath a phoenix. With all hope of getting home lost, Jack and Blake must learn to get along, to embrace their shared soul. Tricked by an oracle, Jack feels betrayed and embarrassed. Blake doesn’t know how he feels. And Lucia is dead.

Or is she?

When a mysterious bottle reveals a message for Jack, he puts all notion of returning home aside. The Underworld beckons, with its crypts and cells and tortured souls. But if Lucia can be rescued, surely Jack must do all he can? Eliza the gypsy is still intent on creating her own army of gods; should Jack ignore the whispers or find a way to stop the deranged outcast?

The Golden Lyre expands upon the mythological universe of The Black Petal. Meet new heroes and villains, battle past three-headed sea monsters and stand up to the malicious Warden of Hades. You never know, old friends may resurface.

ebook: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Apple iBooks

Paperback: TBC

I really hope those of you that read it will enjoy it. I’ve packed it full of mythology, and there’s plenty of action bits in too. You really will be taken on a whirlwind adventure: battling three-headed sea monsters, capturing Gods, being in a slave auction, oh … and venturing down into the Underworld too.


More exciting news to come later, so stick with me folks. And a huge thank you to my new subscribers. Stay safe,


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