It’s the End of the Year

This is the time where most people start to think about what they’ve achieved this year, and then what goals they want to set for the year to come. Lose weight, learn something new – possibly a new language, be more positive, spend more time with family … enjoying life; these are some of the things common to a lot of people.

2016 has been an up and down year for me, as I assume it has for many people. A lot has happened in the world: Brexit here in the UK, Trump beating the odds and becoming president-elect in the US are but two big news events that have soured most of us. On a personal level, and more importantly, on a writing level, I’ve not accomplished what I wanted to. I went through a tough time of hating writing and despising the words I did write.

I started a brand new project and managed to get about 10,000 words into it before deleting the whole thing. That wasn’t a happy time. I focused too much of my energy and time on the negatives of 2016. What I should have been doing was focusing on the positives.

Of course my two short stories were released – Ana’s Trial and Hatred. Hidden. I actually sold more books this year than any other year, which was fantastic. I really enjoyed writing about Ana and her father. I’ve had a few messages of support from readers who would love a much longer novel about Ana. And of course, Hatred. Hidden. was an old short story reworked and the praise received has been such a relief. It was always one of my strongest short stories to feature in The Caseworker’s Memoirs.

So what does 2017 look like for me?

Well I plan on making some changes to my routine which I’ll blog about at a later date. I’ll also be featuring in my first ever vlog – and oh yes, the sequel release. How could I forget to mention that? If you enjoyed my 2015 YA fantasy novel The Black Petal, the second instalment in the trilogy, The Golden Lyre, will be released in February.

I hope you guys all have a fantastic Christmas or holiday. Share some of your pics to me on Twitter! I’d love to see them. Stay safe too. And look out for stray donkeys … I’ve heard they can be pretty dangerous when they’re hungry. You may look like a carrot – I’m certain they don’t see in colour.

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