I <3 Twitter

Upon checking my email today I discovered a new blog post by crime writer Rebecca Bradley. You should definitely head on over and check out Rebecca’s fab blog – it’s all things crime and murder and gritty storytelling. Anyway, her most recent blog post talks about the the ‘heart’ function for ‘liking’ a tweet.

And it got me thinking.

To be honest, I did notice that you used to star tweets if you liked them, and now you heart them, but I never really thought much about why it changed. That whole thing passed me by, but according to Rebecca, a lot of people weren’t happy about the change. Possibly because the heart symbol does symbolise romance and love.

But that isn’t what took me by surprise. What did was how Rebecca admits to ‘hearting’ tweets as a response to someone who has tweeted them.

But, I fell into the trap, for a while, of using it randomly for the other things. For saying thank you, for ending conversations, for liking what someone said to me. And I’ve realised, as I realised last week in this post about wanting Twitter to be more sociable, that I was just being lazy. Why couldn’t I tweet the words, Thank you, or That’s great!, or Congrats! Wasn’t that what Twitter was for? To be able to converse in short snappy sentences? That was the point of the 140 character limit, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that why we loved it and signed up in our droves? Now we’re getting lazy and not even finishing conversations properly.

I Heart You Twitter – Rebecca Bradley

Do you know what? Rebecca is absolutely right! We have become lazy. I do exactly what she says above. Instead of saying thank you or replying to something nice someone has tweeted to me, I ‘heart’ it instead. I’ve never given it a single thought until after reading Rebecca’s post. And you know what – it made me feel guilty that I may have offended somebody by ‘ignoring’ them with words.

I may slip occasionally, but from now on I will try my utter best to reply in words alongside hearting a tweet.

What about you guys, have you become lazy? If you don’t follow me on twitter, come and join me @dan_pentagram

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