Celebrating 1 Year of Release – The Black Petal


I can’t believe it has been one year since my fantasy novel was released. So much effort and hard work went in to the editing of this bad beast – it was a relief to get it out there into the world let me tell you. But I had so much fun writing about the first part of Jack and Blake’s adventure into a realm where mythology and magic clash.

Against a backdrop of towering mountains and floating fortresses, a lot of the stuff packed into The Black Petal came from my extensive research and love of Greek, Classical, and Norse mythology. A Cyclops makes a short appearance near the beginning of the book, as does the lesser known Empusae, and of course, as featured on the strikingly simple front cover, a phoenix has a strong place towards the end.

If you love adventure and magic, trust me, there is plenty to get your teeth into here. Don’t take my word for it, here are some of the fab reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads:

“The story of a present-day teenage boy and a Victorian assassin, transported to a mysterious world, an unknown connection between them, and their quest to get back home never failed to hold my interest, and I looked forward to picking the book up again each evening!”
– Jaimie Admans, Author of Not Pretty Enough


“Thompson is an immensely descriptive writer, and the world he creates for his characters is a rich and varied one indeed.”
– Jack Croxall, Bestselling Author of the Tethers trilogy


“The world of The Black Petal is a world full of surprises, with unexpected twists on every page.”
– The Fine Line


“Thompson loves rich description and uses it well in this epic fantasy.”
– Elizabetn Guizzetti, Author of Other Systems


And while I have fun getting the sequel ready for you, you can grab this on Kindle for just 99p / 99c for the next 2 days only. 2 DAYS ONLY before it returns to full price. Of course, the book is also available in paperback too if that is more of your thing.


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