Ana’s Trial – A YA Short Story

Ana's Trial Cover

I am thrilled to announce that Ana’s Trial is available to preorder from most ebook retailers. I had so much fun writing this fun short story about Ana – a young Egyptian on the cusp of womanhood who isn’t ready to take the responsibility being thrust upon her.

I’ve always had an interest in Egyptian history and mythology and if I could have studied it at school I would have. But I did my own research and studies from a young age. I’ve always wanted to write a story set in Ancient Egypt, but I recently read a book by my favourite egyptologist – Dr Joann Fletcher – entitled The Story of Egypt. In the early chapters of the book Fletcher gives an account of a pre-pharaonic Egypt, of tribes of people who eventually merged together to create the Ancient Egypt we all know and love. I was captivated by these early chapters in particular as I hadn’t read anything of this period before.

And so Ana was formed.


In a time before the pyramids and the Pharaohs and the glory, Egypt was home to nomadic travellers. Ana is one such person, and heir to a tribe she doesn’t want to lead. She’s but fifteen years and longs for exploration. But duty is knocking on her door.

A trial awaits her. The weight of her father’s expectations is heavy.

Witness the magic of a prepharaonic Egypt, and see if Ana will succeed in this short story from the acclaimed young adult author
of The Black Petal, Dan Thompson.


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