Celebrating Two Years of Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love eBook

Can you believe that my dystopian coming of age story has been released two years. I certainly can’t. Obviously it was around for much longer … in my head and through the countless drafts I went through. Abbey certainly is a hardcore, damaged character who needed a lot of work.

I remember thinking to myself countless times whether or not the story would work. It has many fantastical elements – ones that are hard to imagine in the real world we live in, but it certainly all had to be believable. Science backs up everything that happens in the book.

I know some readers have criticised the book for this, but it was always my intention that some parts of the book were left unexplained. The book is mostly told from Abbey’s perspective and she didn’t understand the ways of the world. How could she possibly explain to the reader how and why things happened? I still think the book works on many levels and I’ve been amazed by the support the book has received in the two years its been circulating the world. For a book that is aimed at older teenagers, it does have some unsettling scenes, but the teenagers that have commented, they’ve been mature and understanding about them all. Key plot points were vital … and I also know from experience that books are not all happy rainbows and unicorns. I love a dark, gritty story. When I was a teenager and I still do now.

To celebrate the book and my love for Abbey (especially while I get my head around the sequel) I have a cool giveaway for you guys.

On a side note, I am now on Instagram. Not sure how to use it properly yet, but follow me to give me a push 🙂

Fancy Winning A Free copy of the Audiobook?
Corina Marcos did such a fantastic job at narrating the audiobook, which is available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. To celebrate two years of Here Lies Love, I am giving away a free downloadable copy of it. You have to be a member of Audible though – that’s the catch. Interested? Click the button below.
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