I’ve Been A Little Quiet

“I have stories to tell”


So … I’ve been a little quiet of late. Well a lot quiet really. It’s been a slow year. In writing terms anyway. I’ve had a lot of soul searching to do in regards to my writing. It’s been tough, I have to admit. There have been many times where I’ve felt like giving up and throwing it all away. And I guess that’s because of a few reasons I suppose.

The Black Petal wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, which is fine because some things aren’t for everybody, but as I was so nearly finished with the sequel it got me thinking about whether it was worth carrying on with. Originally intended for a trilogy, each of the three books have been mapped out, meaning the story continues but doesn’t fully resolve until the final book. With minimal interest in the first book, would it be worth finishing the story?

Also, writing has become a little difficult. I’ve struggled to get the words out. Too much stopping and starting means it’s difficult to get a rhythm going. I lose concentration shortly after starting. What all this means is that the enjoyment doesn’t just flutter out the window, it bloody gets sucked out. I’d rather bang my head against a wall, or watch an episode of something from my TV’s planner.

Does this all sound pessimistic? Sure it does. Do I want pity? I certainly do not! What I’ve come to realise is that it is a phase all creative artists and people go through. Self-doubt is an especially hard abyss to pull yourself from, made even more troublesome because of the saturated marketplace in which your work is entered into. It’s a political war of sales vs. noticeability vs. reviews. How do you measure success when there is so much on offer for the readers of today? Indie authors face a multitude of problems and stigma. All too often I’ve seen articles where authors aren’t too happy with their works expected to be given out for free more often than not.

Will I continue on with The Black Petal trilogy? I have decided to. Why? If one person loved the first book and wants to see how it all ends then I owe it to that reader to give them an ending. Success is something I’m putting on hold, or rather put, I’m evaluating it differently. I want a happy reader. I want to make one reader smile, or laugh, or cry, or feel their chest explode with excitement. Is my writing style for everyone? Hell no. Does that matter? Hell no.

I’ve realised over the last few days that I have stories to tell, and I’m going to bloody well tell them. As a race, we are intrigued by stories; we always have been, stretching back thousands of years when stories were told orally.

I fell in love with storytelling when I wasn’t even a teenager. It seems like I’ve been on this journey for so long. But like every journey, you are going to hit road bumps, get stuck in traffic, and even break down from time to time. I’m calling out the writing AA. I’m making a plan and I’m going to get back out on that road.

Wish me luck.


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9 thoughts on “I’ve Been A Little Quiet

  1. Good Luck. It’s nice to see you back.
    I think we all wonder if the time and money we put into these projects are worth it. Every author does it–whether or not your book is published or self published. My last book didn’t do as well as I (or my publisher) wanted, but I’m creeping, ever slowly, towards my idea of success. Who knows? Maybe The Grove will flop too, but I enjoyed writing it and I am excited for it to come out.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I really enjoyed TLSOTM and am looking forward to The Grove. I’m crossing my fingers for you that everything all works out 🙂

      1. Thanks. It will always work out, just maybe not like I planned exactly. 😉

  2. Sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning, Dan and remember why you write. I think we all get caught up in the web of ‘do people like my books’ when that’s not what we should be focusing on. If you write for the love of writing and don’t get stuck on popularity or sales or reviews, it’s a lot easier to put words to paper (or computer). I had to do this a couple of years ago (remember why I write) and it was the best thing I ever did. I started writing because ‘I had stories in my head I had to get out’ (for me) and then over the years it changed to ‘I had stories in my head I had to write for other people’ and that was wrong because it changed my passion. Take a breather, sit back and think of the first time you thought of writing a story and why – it really helps 😀

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I plan on freewriting with no pressure to see where the pen takes me 😀

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  4. I loved the black Petal, i am sure you will also . so please take time to read it

  5. It’s great to see you back on the scene. All writers go through this period a bit of ‘a dark night of the soul’ which can last quite a while.

    Remember to keep writing because you love it, there’s nothing better than free writing and letting your stories be told.

    1. Thanks! It’s still taking some time to get out of that hole, but I’m making some progress. It’s about baby steps.

      Thanks for commenting and stopping by 😀

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