Using my Library

GainsLibraryWhen I was a child and teenager I couldn’t really afford to buy many books. My family wasn’t well off, and, well, books were expensive. Unless of course you get them from a charity shop. My school didn’t have an extensive library either. Books were the things you got as gifts for birthdays and Christmas, as well as free ones hidden inside cereal boxes.

But as I got older, and eventually got a job, I went into bookshops and bought my own for my collection. Walking to the library became unnecessary, especially as in today’s day and age you can simply order a book from Amazon or wherever – most free of charge!

Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. My Bookcase is full to the brim. Many books are laid on top of other books because I’ve simply run out of space. I actually put up a new shelf for my books (I know! DIY!!), but again this is now full. I spent  a LOT of money on new books, hardbacks that cost up to £20 a go. Only too recently I travelled to Lincoln and bought myself four new books, which came to a total of £53.

Some rethinking was in order.

I’ve recently discovered that my local library, which is a part of Lincolnshire, has an online library1catalogue. It enables me to reserve books from the entire region held in other libraries and pick them up from my own library. All for free! And this goes for audiobooks too! I need to spend less on books and borrow them from the library instead. Lincolnshire libraries have come under threat recently and it all goes down to use. We could all borrow from the library more. Give them our support.

I had recently preordered two books on Amazon, but after searching for them on my library catalogue I’ve discovered the region had ordered some of their own copies. I put a reserve on them immediately and cancelled my preorders. I want to see how much I save, which can be spent elsewhere.

Libraries over here in the UK are taken for granted. I’m now going to be doing my part to borrow more books. If you are from the UK, search online for your library too. You can do more too.

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