Music and My Blonde Moment #KellyClarkson

Music unites us all. Or, I should say, the love of music united us all. Sometimes, there is nothing better than kicking your shoes off after a hard day, lazing on the settee and sticking on a favourite album. Whether it be classical, rock, hip hop, opera or even that hated, derogatory word ‘pop’. Music relaxes us; music not only entertains us, it saves us from the monotony of normal, everyday life.

I often like to listen to music – not while I write (but that’s for another blog post). I have an eclectic taste in music, and like most people, my love and interest in music hit me in my teens. Still, I would like to say my music tastes have matured and expanded along the way – although when I asked a lady at the checkout today: how old do you think I am, she replied, hmmm, late thirties? Bloody late thirties! I’m not even thirty yet! My excuse? I’ve had a hard life!

Anyway, I enjoy listening to Kelly Clarkson. I always have – I even saw her live in Sheffield many moons ago with her album Breakaway. She was fantastic – powerful voice and great, calming stage presence.

For those of you that don’t know, Kelly has a new album out – Piece by Piece. I uploaded it onto my iPod and listened away. I do that – I won’t listen to anything else for a while when I’m listening to a new album. I like to give an album at least five listens through before I decide if I like it and which songs get to stay on my iPod.

There is a song on the new album that I absolutely love! Upbeat, funky = great! And you know when you get into a song, you start to sing along, don’t you? Well, when I’ve been doing the washing up, cleaning, going into town to pay bills …………. I’ve been happy in the notion that I THINK I know what the lyrics are – I mean, I’ve listened to the songs enough by then.

Think again, Daniel, think again.wronglyrics

I was sat at work the other day, listening to my music, listening to Piece by Piece when this song came on. In particular, the chorus erupted. I love a great, hook-y chorus:

Even though we lost it, I still got my Star Trek

And for the past week, that is what I think the song has been saying. Last night, my blood went cold. I realised that wasn’t the lyrics at all. The song was in fact saying – Even though we lost it / I still get nostalgic.

How in the world does Star Trek and Nostalgic sound the same?! What an idiot, I thought. This is what in England we call – a blonde moment. A moment where you think, how could I have been so stupid? Do you know what’s even worse? The bloody song is call NOSTALGIC and I remember thinking to myself the other day, she doesn’t even mention the word nostalgic!

Embarrassing, or what?



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