A New Year is Upon Us

fireworks new year

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” CS Lewis

With each new year brings new resolutions, goals, aspirations and dreams. I did think about not writing this blog post. I didn’t want to bore people. But then I thought: what the hell. I’m sure some of my readers do want to know what I have planned for 2015.

I plan on writing more in 2015. *Don’t laugh – I can hear you* I’m sure this was one of my goals for the beginning of 2014, but life did what it does best – gets in the way! Here Lies Love was great to get stuck into, but apart from a few competition entries, I actually did very little writing for the most part.

With the awful news of Ghostly Publishing shutting down, I kind of shoved The Black Petal to one side. But only the other day, I snook a peak and got my editing head on. It has been so long since I last looked over the mss (manuscript). Glaring errors poked their ugly heads out at me. I had to get my green pen out! So far I’ve re-edited the first two chapters.

I’m not sure what the future holds for it yet. I had a load of rejection emails regarding it, which many writers will tell you is a pretty soul destroying thing.

If you’ve been following my updates, then you’ll know that towards the end of 2014 I had been working on book 2 in my fantasy trilogy – The Black Petal being the first. The Golden Lyre is 50k words in. I really want to get that finished as well as making a start on the Here Lies Love sequel. The problem is, I have too many stories in my head. They are all vying for my attention.

I guess the surprise idea that has been circulating in my head is about one of my characters introduced in The Caseworker’s Memoires. I would love to get a plan down for that one.

Stories don’t write themselves!

Did I bore you? All the above are on my to-do list. *sighs* there really isn’t enough hours in the day, are there?

I hope everyone had a fantastic festive season. I got plenty of new books! But I’ve got no idea how I’m going to fit everything in! If someone has invented a machine that means you never have to sleep, I volunteer to be your guinea pig!

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