#JurassicWorld Trailer

Social media and the general world wide web is ablaze with excitement as we recently saw the release of the first, official trailer for the new Jurassic World.

Well, what do you think? Me? I loved it! Fantastic evolution from first film to this, if I’m honest. I’m not sure what Michael Crichton would have thought. Perhaps the concept has been taken a little too far, but I think it certainly raises the God question and ethics into question once again. I know some people think it is a shame that the original cast members aren’t in here, but sometimes new faces freshen up something that was seen as extinct. *excuse the pun 🙂 But take Jurassic Park 3 for instance, a poor, poor film, that I rarely watch. I think the only part in that film I enjoyed was the bird cage bit. But with Steven Spielberg at the helm again, I’m sure this won’t be just style over substance. It really does have a Terra Nova feel to it.

jurassic park

Just remember guys, Jurassic Park started off as a book. Grab it here and get clued up! Amazon UK / US

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1 thought on “#JurassicWorld Trailer

  1. It looks interesting. Genetics and dinosaurs mixed will always be a hit! 😀

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