Here Lies Love to become Audiobook

Audible 2Isn’t it great news? I’ve been searching for a producer for a while now and I’ve found the perfect person: Corina Marcos. It was really important for me to work with someone who sounded like Abbey, and Corina does an absolutely marvellous job with it. The audio book is currently in production, which basically means it is currently being recorded. I’ve listened to the first fifteen minutes and I love it. I am excited to see (or listen rather) how the finished audio turns out. The planned release for the audiobook is October, but that isn’t definite.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Being a member of Audible will mean that you can listen to the book by using one of your credits, but it will also be available from Amazon and iTunes too. The audiobook market is increasing in favour and this is a step I am keen to explore.

In other news, Here Lies Love is changing distributor, making it available to various other websites and bookshops. When the new edition of the paperback is available, I will let you know. For the meantime, you can still pick up the kindle version over at Amazon US / Amazon UK or any other Amazon site come to think of it.


My Publisher for Here Lies Love, Autumn Orchard is looking for likes on their Facebook pageThey are giving away two brand new paperbacks when they reach 100 likes. Can you help? Spread the word!




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1 thought on “Here Lies Love to become Audiobook

  1. This is fantastic, Dan. I was half way through reading it when my computer broke so I’m now getting back into it again now 😉

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