Fuzzy Hedgehog Press Accepting Submissions

A small update to kick things off today, which is that 600 people have now added Here Lies Love to their Goodreads shelf. This is the most I’ve ever had before, and I really hope it means people will remember the book and buy it sometime down the line. If you haven’t added it yet, you can do so here. There is also an upcoming Review Blog Tour coming up soon and if you haven’t bought the book yet, you will be able to read the reviews and see what others think. Across different sites (and not counting the same reviews) Here Lies Love has 8 FIVE STAR REVIEWS ***** which is absolutely amazing. I can’t thank people enough for their support and kindness.

You guys rock!


Fuzzy Hedgehog Press Accepting Submissions


I know that many of my readers are also writers, novice writers and wannabeAKA The Summer writers. I feel that it is my duty in bringing certain information to you that can better help your move forward in the industry. Which brings me on to, well, exactly what the title suggests. Fuzzy Hedgehog Press is currently accepting submissions for novellas and full-length novels. I have read quite a few Fuzzy Hedgehog Press books now, including A. Ka’s Isaac the Fortunate series, as well as Zachary Bonelli’s Voyage: Embarkation and Alterra. And let me tell you, their finish and quality is superb. Even though you could say it is a small independent publisher, it is the perfect opportunity for someone to get involved and get their début out there! FHP publish both ebooks and paperbacks of their novels across many mulitple forms and retailers’ websites, which include Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo and The Book Depository. They also distribute their books through local bookstores, getting involved in the local community and presenting Q & As too. As someone who reads a lot of their books, you may never know, I could be reading yours in the near future.

Before I give you the link, I want to provide you with the submission details, guidelines and information (which I have silently and stealthily stolen borrowed from their website).

What FHP Accept

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press is a publisher of weird speculative fiction for all orientations. If your story could be classified as fantasy or science fiction, we are interested. If the terms “new weird” or “slipstream” apply, even better.

We are open to stories that feature LGBT characters as well as those that do not. We are, however, wary of heteronormative societies and gay characters who function solely as a sidekick or best friend. We respect our LGBT characters’ whole lives.

We do not publish works that are strictly romance (though we remain open to cross-genre submissions). We do not publish any form of erotica.

Speculative Fiction Novella or Novel

AlterraFrontCover_600x914What do you notice about the world? A great speculative fiction novel is about seeing our real world in a way that most people don’t, and then using the strange and weird to help others see what you see. Show us your vision for what the world really is. Let us in on what you think is orderly or chaotic or real or unreal or ethical or immoral or right or wrong, with everything and anything in between.

Interested? Here are some of the submission guidelines:

  • If submitting a novella, word count should be between 17,500 words and 39,999 words in length.
  • If submitting a novel, word count should be between 40,000 words and 100,000 words in length.

You will find the full guidelines over on their submissions page, which you should read and follow very thoroughly. When I speak to agents and publishers, one of their pet-hates is when applicants do not follow the simple guidelines. I’m not sure when submissions close again so best get your writing boots and polish everything up now. And besides, you can’t say no to the hedgehog, can you?

Click here to visit the Submissions page on FHP!

Good Luck!



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  1. That’s a huge amount of tbrs! Congratulations!

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