Cover Reveal: Alterra by Zachary Bonelli

AlterraFrontCover_600x914I had the pleasure of reading this a while ago, months before the actual release date! And guess what? I loved it! Now, I’m really pleased to show you the cover too. Isn’t it fab? Alterra is Zachary Bonelli’s latest offering after Voyage: Embarkation, which I reviewed here. I also had the chance a while ago to chat to Zachary about his other novel Insomnium.

Alterra is a well thought out novel, full of important moral messages and ideologies that get the reader thinking and questions where their alliance may lie if in the same situation. And instead of having one protagonists, Alterra has three! All very different in their approach to life. I can’t wait for you to read it. Fans of Science Fiction and Contemporary Adventure will find something to enjoy here. Below, you can find the blurb:

Young  people  on  Alterra  must  choose.  After  they  complete  secondary  school,  they   enroll  either  in  University—a  life  of  science  and  mathematical  pursuits—or  Monastery—a   life  of  literature,  history  and  spiritual  depth.  

Initiate  Le  is  in  his  final  year  of  school.  All  his  life,  he  has  prepared  himself  for   University,  but  something  feels  wrong.  Neither  University  nor  Monastery  compel  him   forward.

One  night,  Le  discovers  a  young  man  from  his  school  sneaking  into  a  ‘zone,’  a   dangerous  area  where  nanotechnology  runs  rampant,  cordoned  off  from  the  rest  of  the  city.   Against  all  reason,  Le  follows  Initiate  Stok  inside.  What  he  discovers  will  change  him  and  his   world  forever.

Equal  parts  love  story,  military  adventure  and  social  philosophy, Alterra  is  the  story   of  three  young  men  striving  to  save  two  estranged  parallel  worlds  whose  only  hope  for   survival  is  to  rectify  the  ancient  schism  that  shattered  them.


Alterra is released September 28th 2014



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