Is Facebook advertising and marketing worth while?

Before I explore the subject of Facebook, I would like to share a few news items I think you’ll enjoy. Here Lies Love had a nice feature on Everything Books and Authors. I would like to express my thanks to Toni for sharing the info – she really is great! You can read the feature here.

Here Lies Love is also featured on Books Go Social, where you can read the very first page of the book to see whether or not you would enjoy it along with the links on where you can purchase the ebook.

I was so pleased to read a new 5* review too on the Amazon UK site. It said:

“This is a darker tale than I’m used to reading and an older audience than traditional YA, but that didn’t detract from the wonderful details of the setting and the compelling plight of protagonist, Abbey, whose world is fast caving in on her. While themes of revenge are plentiful and redemption seems like a very distant prospect in this world, the reader still wants Abbey to find some for herself and is rooting for her all the way through, even when the path she chooses seems a very bleak one.”

Which leads me on to the Flash Sale over on Amazon. On the UK site you can get the ebook for just 99p. Yes, 99p – that’s less than a cup of coffee, less than a magazine! With the great review above, what better to reason to add this to your kindle now before it returns to full price!

Flash Sale 99p


Is Facebook advertising and marketing worth while?

FB logoYou can’t deny that Facebook has seemingly taken over the world in recent years. As a professional businessman or sole trader looking to target individual shoppers, Facebook offers a range of services to et your adverts or ‘boosted posts’ to the type of people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

I have used Facebook’s adverts before actually. They sent me a £25 coupon to use towards an advert campaign, and I thought – why not? It won’t cost me anything if I set my limit to the £25 they gave me for free. I used it to promote my Author Facebook Page in the hope that new readers would ‘like’ the page and therefore as a result grow my readership. For a two day campaign, I was so very pleased with the result. I gained an extra 60 ‘likes’ and for free, too!

However my enormous ear-to-ear smile slowly, but surely disappeared as day by day after the advert had finished, I started to lose ‘likes’. At first I thought that it was realistic to expect readers, or should that be facebookers? to ‘unlike’ me. I later learned the truth.

When a genuine, real life person ‘likes’ your page, their name and profile appear in your ‘likes’ section – namely when you press on. I’ve come to learn (by talking to fellow authors and business owners with Facebook pages) that Facebook fabricate likes. These don’t show up with the rest of the likers. Now for legal reasons I have to state that I don’t have evidence of this and cannot prove this to be the case. It is just my opinion.

Move on to my most recent campaign. It was a ‘Post Boost’. I posted that I was having a flash sale on Here Lies Love – just 99p on Amazon. Love dystopian fiction? Dark stories of revenge? And then continued to include the link.

Now if you’ve ever used the facebook promotion services, you can target a specific kind of audience. I specifically chose people in the UK only, who loved books, dystopian fiction, horror fiction and new-adult fiction. I was sure this would at least attract some attention and possibly give me a nice sales boost. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The charge for this was £24. And Facebook tells me the post was seen by over 35,000 people. And yet, when I checked my kindle sales for the 24 hours the post ran for, I sold a whopping one copy! Now of course, some of those 35,000 people may not have liked the sound of my book. Some may not be able to spare £0.99 until pay day or some later date. But surely, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty people may have taken the chance?

FB marketing

I’m sure Facebook has its place in the marketing world. To get substantial increases in your book sales possibly isn’t one of them. I’ve got to admit that I was disappointed by the results. I don’t think I will be using Facebook again any time soon.

Or maybe I’ve done it wrong? Have you had any successful Facebook stories?



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2 thoughts on “Is Facebook advertising and marketing worth while?

  1. I think Facebook’s time is slowly coming but for now it’s still a place where people like to gather, but it’s doing a great job of shooting itself in the foot.

  2. I’ve never advertised on FB for the reasons you have put above, Dan. I think the ‘likes’ are bogus and they don’t lead to sales. You probably got more interest in your book from the story in your local newspaper. I’m not much help, am I? LOL 😉

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