Feature in The Gainsborough Standard

I’ve been extremely lucky with promotion in my local area. When I embarked on a short, but sweet library tour to promote my contemporary adult novel The Caseworker’s Memoirs, the local library put up posters, created leaflets and put up a stand with me on it! Completely overwhelming, let me tell you. I never imagined to see a large version of me staring back at myself – very weird.

In my local town Gainsborough, the local newspaper published weekly is The Gainsborough Standard, which has a rough circulation of around 3,500 copies sold. I’ve been interviewed in the newspaper a couple of times, and this last week I was featured again to publicise the release of Here Lies Love. After allowing the paper to circulate, I’ve now scanned in the article for your pleasure 🙂

Gainsborough Standard article

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2 thoughts on “Feature in The Gainsborough Standard

  1. Fantastic and congratulations, Dan! I tried to ‘share’ with my readers on FB, but it wouldn’t allow me because of your privacy settings 😦

    1. Hi Dianne, thanks for reading 🙂 if you share the post from my author page instead of my personal page you’ll be able to 🙂

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