The Nervous Twitch

Here Lies Love eBookHere Lies Love isn’t far from being released. In fact, I would probably say that it is less than a month away. Just waiting for edits to come back and then we’ll be away! It feels like an age to get to this point, and for every writer out there I’m sure, it is often a period where you undergo a complex phase of emotions.

Firstly, I am excited. I’m excited to see my beloved book out in the big wide world. I’ve spent the last five months on this project, nurturing it, building it up and giving it life. I’ve witnessed its birth, watched it gain life and grow into a fully fledged book with wings ready to take it on its way.

add-to-goodreadsBut that also gives way to sadness. I’m a little sad that the book is over. I’ve grown accustomed to being in Abbey’s company. I’ve held her hand when things became difficult. I talked her out of some very difficult situations and I’ve been with her every step of her journey. And now, for me at least, her journey is over. It can be hard to describe the relationship between the lead character and its author, but I’ve put a lot of work into telling Abbey’s story and a little part of me doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet.

And then after that I become really nervous. I know some people will hate this story, which leads to bad reviews. Everyone has the right to be honest (and I wouldn’t want it any other way) but you secretly hope that everyone will love it. I’m worried to hear feedback. I’m nervous on how people will react to the serious content. Here Lies Love isn’t a light read, but I just hope (with fingers firmly crossed) that some people will connect with Abbey and urge her on.

In fact, as I write this, I know that a slightly unedited version is the hands of a reader. His opinion means a lot to me and I’m slightly nervous as to what he will think.

So, what is left for me to do? I guess I just have to tie up all the loose ends and create a polished end product. I have various copies of the book all ready and waiting to be uploaded into the various different formats. I can’t wait to see the finished physical book and hold it in my hands. To smell the pages and flick through. The acknowledgements, the author’s note, the extras in the physical versions are all and written and complete.

No, I just have to see how it is received … the nervous twitch inside my stomach gets more animated with each passing day.

I’ve put together a little board together on Pinterest, where I could collate all my inspiration and ideas together for Here Lies Love. Give it a once over here.



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6 thoughts on “The Nervous Twitch

  1. Totally with you there, Dan! You get so used to being with these characters daily for months on end, and spending every free moment thinking about them, it’s a real loss when the book suddenly ends! I’ve just finished a first draft too and I keep wanting to go back to it because I actually miss the characters!

    So glad HLL is nearly ready, congrats on all your hard work, I’m really looking forward to reading it!

    1. Thanks, Jaimie. I’m glad someone is looking forward to reading it! lol. I’m glad you understood what i meant too. You do become attached, don’t you?

  2. I to am looking forward to reading it. Getting very excited ;o)

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Dan – I’m getting those emotions as well. I’m supposed to be sending mine away to readers on Monday and I keep thinking ‘is it really ready and do I want to put my characters out there yet?’ Oh dear, the life of a writer! 😀

    1. You, of course, have nothing to worry about, Dianne. You are a great writer!

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