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Is the physical book dying? Certainly not if we look at how many actual books are published each year. But we can’t deny how the eBook revolution has taken over, can we. There are some readers now who only read eBooks. I have to admit, they certainly are cheaper, which makes books and reading more accessible to people on a budget. In a generation where technology is at the forefront, the actual book is outdated, redundant and a bit of an annoyance. During my library tour last year, one lady admitted to me that she struggles to get comfy when reading a book now. The great thing about reading using an eReader is that you don’t have to constantly toss and turn and rearrange yourself. You don’t have to be near a light as well, as most eReaders have automatically lit screens that can be adjusted to each person’s requirements.

And yet, I still love a book in my hand – especially a hardback, which is a problem I have to admit.

With my upcoming novel Here Lies Love so very nearly ready for release, I have decided to take a risk. To celebrate the actual physical book, in both the paperback and the hardback release of Here Lies Love, I will be including some added extras, which won’t be available in the eCopy. I want to take my hat off and say a big thank you to the people who still take their hard earned cash and buy a book.

I’m not going to say all of what the extras will be at this time, but one added extra will be an interview with me. I want my readers and friends to Ask Me a Question. The very best questions will be included in the actual book.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask me? Well now is your chance. If you aren’t familiar with my book Here Lies Love, below you will find the synopsis.

Here Lies Love eBook

Would death be less painful than life?

When she is sold by her father, Abbey discovers that nightmares can occur when you’re awake. Trapped inside a wooden cage, Abbey is forced to listen to the horrors and atrocities above; time ticking down until it is her turn. But Abbey isn’t prepared to become a victim; she will escape.

Although, what Abbey isn’t prepared for, is how harsh and unfair the world can be. With the sun turning its back on humanity long ago, life gives no opportunity. The only thing Abbey can do is learn to survive. To exist. And that means stealing any opportunity that comes her way. Haunted by the unpleasant memories bestowed upon her only nurtures Abbey’s paranoia, until she realises that to truly live in the world, she must confront the person who was responsible for her misfortune – her father.

Here Lies Love is a New Adult tale of actuality, of facing up to the fact that love comes in many guises. Can Abbey find the one glimmer of hope or will she be overcome with the darkness of revenge?


Sound interesting? Sound like your type of thing? Want to know more? Get your questions into me using the form below!



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2 thoughts on “Ask Me a Question

  1. I was just reading FB and am so sorry about your computer crashing – yikes! 😦

    The added extras in your book sound wonderful – what a great idea 😉

    1. Thanks for your concern, Dianne. Thankfully, I managed to download the Here Lies Love manuscript file I sent to my editor from the sent folder of my email. Phew~!!

      The extras are something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Thought it would be good to do something original.

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