Reviews No More?

Star Base - 5I have recently made a big decision. Well, it is big for me. I have decided to stop writing reviews. Well, actually I haven’t. Not as such. I will continue to write smaller reviews on Goodreads and retailer websites such as Amazon. I just won’t be posting them on my blog anymore. I know a lot of my followers like reading my reviews, and for them, I apologise.

You may ask why I have made this decision. Well, I need to concentrate more on my own writing. I can sometimes spend a lot of time writing reviews, which means less time on my own books. I have spent a lot of time and effort building up my blog, but truth be told, I’m an author first and a book blogger second.

I started writing reviews when I was a teenager. It really helped to structure my writing and I enjoyed it. I made a lot of friends; sadly I lost touch with them some time ago. It wasn’t just books that I reviewed, but films and music and games too.

What I want to do, is write more structured blog posts. To really set myself up as a professional author and writer. To pass on my knowledge and experiences. You can of course still follow my reviews over on my Goodreads page. I still have a lot to say on the books I read and love – a passion I think I will never lose.

Wish me luck!



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3 thoughts on “Reviews No More?

  1. Best of luck, Dan. It does take a lot of time to write reviews. I’m not a ‘reviewer’ as such, the two reasons for this being 1. I suck at writing reviews, and 2. I don’t feel comfortable judging other writers.

    I’ll still check out your reviews on Goodreads 😀

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