Not of our Sky by Sharon Sant – Book Review

not of our skyI’ve had this book since Christmas and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the final instalment of The Sky Song trilogy. I was almost savouring it as it was the final Sharon Sant novel I’d had left to read, but having loved her previous novels, I knew I couldn’t leave it alone for too long. Especially with its wonderful, attractive cover, which in my opinion, is the best cover out of the entire trilogy.

Over the course of the other two novels, Sharon Sant introduces us to Jacob, a teenager who discovers his true identity as Watcher to the people of Astrae – another planet. The Watcher is almost a god-like figure to the people of Astrae, yet Jacob has his own problems to deal with. His evil uncle, Makesh, has tried to overthrow him and steal his inherited power, but as Jacob starts to uncover a prophecy about a twin sibling, he starts to mess with the nature and balance of the world, leaving devastating consequences around him and his family.

Not of our Sky begins with Jacob in a coma, and Ellen is struggling to cope with everyday life. She is torn between her own domestic issues, her love for Jacob and toying with the decision to reveal Jacob’s real identity to his parents. Weird and crazy things seem to be happening and the reoccurring nightmare Ellen suffers from each night has her worried. She knows it’s a prophecy, but is it depicting Jacob’s final moments before his death?

The first thing that struck me about this final book is that it is mostly told from Ellen’s point of view, which was absolutely fantastic news for me, as she’s really been my favourite character from the trilogy. She’s such a likeable character, one who suffers for the greater good, always trying to keep her family happy, as well as making sure both Luca and Jacob are sorted too. She’s a motherly figure way too early in her life, but it is respectable as well as heart-wrenching. But saying that, I also grew to like Jacob. I’m not sure when it happened, but I finally realised he isn’t the moaning teenager we saw in Sky Song, he’s matured and learnt to be himself.

The chemistry between the characters is just superb. Whether it is the lustful chemistry between Ellen and Jacob, the motherly humility between Ellen and Maggie or even the gut-wrenching and hilarious banter between Ellen and Luca. It is especially the latter that had me in stitches and reaching for a tissue to wipe the tears of laughter. In fact, during the epilogue or sorts, there is a particular line that Luca says that will probably stay with me forever – I’m storing that one up for when I’m having a particularly bad day.

What really makes this instalment stand out between the other two novels, is the inclusion of Alex’s side story as well as getting to see more of the evil uncle. It holds the narrative together, and the switching points of view are handled expertly, giving the reader an insight at every angle. All the characters have their own agenda, their own hopes and Sharon Sant brings everything together right at the close of the book. It adds this wonderful tension as you read along, knowing that somewhere along the line, everything is going to come to a head.

One of my criticisms (for want of a better word) in the previous books, was Sharon Sant2the lacking Astraen world and the details surrounding the fantasy element of this urban-fantasy stroke SciFi series. Not of our Sky fulfills my every question, and I relished the parts where we follow Trego, a junior council member upon Astrae who is desperately trying to solve the riddle of the prophecy. This adds a further layer of depth to the book, one I didn’t see coming, and was better off for it.

The Young Moon was a great sequel to Sky Song, and I particularly loved how Sharon Sant managed to write emotion seemingly effortlessly. Not of our Sky is no different, and yet it seems so powerful and gripping. Sympathy to Ellen’s situation, empathy for what Jacob feels he must to do in order to save the ones he loves, understanding of why Alex has turned out the lost, vulnerable soul that she is. Sharon Sant is a master of emotion. And yet, her writing style and voice is so subtle, precise and crisp that you read sentence after sentence with such addiction, you just have to know what happens next.

I devoured this book. It is the standout novel of the trilogy. As the reader, you really do get the feeling that everything has come full circle, which is one of the themes of the book actually. You can see how each of our trio of main characters have grown, independently as well as a group. The subtle writing style doesn’t need flowery descriptions and explosive action; it works more by pulling at your emotions and getting you into the very centre of the drama that unfolds. This urban-fantasy adds the exact details necessary to elevate it above the previous instalments. I saw Jacob and Ellen’s situation as a sort of modern day Romeo and Juliet, only with addved verve and perspective. If you love young adult dramas, this series will stay with you for such a long time. If the author ever compiles the three books into one volume, be sure to grab it!

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  1. Great review, Dan. I see Rebecca is wrapped as well. I’m adding it to my TBR list 😀

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