Cover Reveal: Insomnium by Zachary Bonelli

You may have read me mentioning Zachary Bonelli a lot recently. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading his work, then please check out my review of his Science Fiction adventure Voyage Embarkation. He has a true talent for writing objective, yet compelling stories about cultures varied in politics, idioms and advancement. He’s one smart guy. In mid 2012, I had the chance to talk to him about a new project he was working on, called Insomnium, which gave away some interesting thoughts.

The first component that came to my mind was the City of Nowhere, a place completely strange, where even the laws of physics and the nature of reality can change from moment to moment.

– Zachary Bonelli, 2013

Insomnium, to me, sounds like it blurs the lines between fantasy and science fiction – one book I’m very much looking forward to reading. I’m extremely intrigued to see if the author’s talent for characterisation is followed through in another novel.

I was honoured when Zachary asked me to be a part in his cover reveal for the whole novel – like Voyage before it, Insomnium has been released as a series of episodes. Cover reveals are great to really attract your attention to a book. We authors may not like to admit it, but book covers still drive readers. In fact, I’m probably guilty of turning my attention away from a book because the cover didn’t attract me. My eyes are always drawn to the best covers in the book shops.

Insomnium Cover 2014

Nel Hanima grew up amidst chaos. The government collapsed when he was five, and he lived in an underground bunker until he was twelve. His adult life, by comparison, is stable. Government and public services have been restored. But still, the trees and grasses grow browner. The ocean continues to rise, swallowing up neighborhood after neighborhood of Nel’s youth.
A faint tug drags at him day after day—the suspicion that his life is without purpose or meaning. Hope for a better future fades with each passing day.
One night, he falls asleep in his Seattle apartment and awakens in the City of Nowhere, an impossible conundrum world of non-human citizens, where time and space are an illusion and paradoxes run rampant.
As Nel explores the city, he meets Giniip Pana, Rev Merveille, and Drogl Belgaer, humans from alternate versions of his world’s timeline. Together with his new friends, Nel works to unravel the mysteries of Nowhere, to learn how he came to be there, and discover not only a way to return to Seattle, but also the purpose and meaning his life has lacked.
What I really love about this cover is how the white outlines of the characters are featureless against the swirling black background. For me, this allows us to imagine the protagonists for ourselves as they each traverse the City of Nowhere. The feature length book is scheduled for release on 30th March 2014.
In the meantime, however, the first instalment of the Insomnium episodes is always just a click away to download. Insomnium #1 Asleep is available to download from:
If you fancy reading more about Zachary, try out his Website or his Twitter page for more details.


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1 thought on “Cover Reveal: Insomnium by Zachary Bonelli

  1. I love that cover – it’s almost 60s and has a very psychedelic feel about it 😉

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