Take a Break – Enjoy Some Comedy

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sometimes, we all need a break. Let our hair down, throw on something that we feel comfortable in and just relax. Especially writers, and I confess here too, as we tend to be a little too serious at times. Not only do we have our personal problems and to-do lists ricocheting inside our heads, we also have our characters’ problems too. Potential ideas, settings, relationships, who must die to move the story on …. * and breathe!

And to add to the complicated shamble, a lot of us indie authors need full and part time jobs beside the writing to be able to live.

Picking the kids up from school, going to work, commuting, housework, walking the dogs, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, writing, editing, pondering, reading, researching, paying bills, filling in forms, more housework, DIY jobs, buying the endless amounts of tea and/or coffee to be able to survive, exercise … *arghhhhh and breathe again.

Life can be too stressful and busy. The opportunity to take a well earned rest doesn’t come around very often, and even when it does, we are too busy to stop and actually enjoy it. And that is where planning comes in – but the question arises, why should we have to plan enjoyment in to our lives?

Now, as people we all enjoy different things. Some people enjoy reading, others do not. Some people enjoy trips to the cinema and some like hiking. BUT we all enjoy comedy – a form of entertainment that makes us all laugh – and you know what scientists say: Laughing is good for us. No only does it ‘extend’ our lives, but it is healthy for our skin, with the endorphins that are released, swarming around our busy bodies, helping us relax.

Now saying that, we all enjoy different forms of comedy, but it is comedy non the less.

Last night, I had front row tickets to see an English comedian I find completely hilarious – Sarah Millican. She’s ever so crude, honest, humble and most importantly, entertaining. I had a blast! I had a headache driving home, but the sort of headache that often occurs at the same time as jaw ache – from all the laughing! Now the previous few days had been a little stressful. I had a lot to do and not enough time to fit everything in.

When I left Sheffield City Hall, however, I felt completely at ease, ready to leap up and smile at everything and everyone. My problems didn’t matter. Everything on my to-do list could wait – some weren’t that important any way. And it was as I was driving  home that I realised that I needed to do that more often. Plan to go out and enjoy something funny. The thing with going to see a new film is, you could come away disappointed. The thing with reading a new book, is you could close the pages wondering why you ever were interested in it to begin with.

Comedy never disappoints, and that’s because you tend to stick with the people that have made you laugh in the past. It was my first time seeing Sarah Millican live, but it most certainty won’t be my last.

My Advice to you: Stop what you are doing. Stop reading this blog post. Log on to your favourite comedian’s website or nearest venue and see what’s available. I booked Sarah a whole year and a half ago, so time is no excuse! Take a Break – Enjoy some comedy!

If you are interested in checking some Sarah Milican material out, simply browse on Youtube.

Sarah Milican



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1 thought on “Take a Break – Enjoy Some Comedy

  1. There’s nothing better than a great laugh to lift our spirits and bring us back to earth, Dan! 😀

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