The Black Petal – First Look

With my cover reveal of my latest book, Here Lies Love, it seems that my young-adult fantasy novel, The Black Petal has been shoved to the background. I desperately wanted it to be published the traditional way, which means you have to ‘shop’ it around to get noticed. I had worked on The Black Petal for many years, learning many lessons along the way. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you may have seen my ‘The Black Petal is finished!‘ post where I mention a few things you can expect to find inside.

Well late last year, I submitted this story to Ghostly Publishing and they are currently displaying the first 3 chapters on their website for review. This is a first chance look at the novel I spent many years working over. Go on over there and get a sneak peek! It would mean the world to me if you could leave a little review over there too and answer their questions. It could make the difference on whether or not they go ahead and publish it.

If you haven’t heard of my book yet, here is what its about:

Jack, a teenager from present, and Blake, a Victorian assassin, are plucked from their homes and awaken in a new land; a realm of fantasy and myth. Drawn into a war between two rival races, they must each choose allies. Jack wants to get home. Blake wants revenge. As the battle comes to a head, they realise they have unwittingly chosen different sides.

An Oracle has persuaded the Amazon Queen that a black petal will summon a powerful god who can grant them victory. A prophecy told long ago tells of a boy from another time who can discover this petal and the Amazon Queen is certain Jack is this boy. She offers him freedom and a way home in exchange.

Jack meets the orphaned, crimson haired Lucia inside a locked cave, serving as the girl’s prison. The two form an unbreakable bond as they guide each other across this unknown land. Chased by mysterious and deadly creatures, the Empusae, they must travel over a dangerous mountain range. Will Jack reach the petal in time or will he succumb to the yapping jaws of the Empusae? And what of Blake? What is the connection between Jack and the assassin that will surely shape their future?

The Black Petal is the first adventure in an exciting new trilogy that combines both magic and myth.


So what can you expect in these first chapters? Well for starters, you meet the two main characters, Jack and Blake. Plus I had particular fun writing the second chapter where Jack is being chased by two weird and strange beings. They are nicknamed the Siamese Twins and some time ago, a young artist who had read a description of them drew me this wonderful sketch.

Black Petal Header

Remember to head on over to the Ghostly Publishing website and recommend my story.


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4 thoughts on “The Black Petal – First Look

  1. I’ve ducked over and bookmarked the page, Dan. I’ll be commenting in the next few days 😀

    1. Thanks, Dianne. That would be fantastic!

      1. I’ve tried to get in but am having trouble joining. I’ll keep at it 😉

      2. Awww, thanks, Dianne. But don’t trouble yourself. I would hate to take time away from you. I appreciate your effort though 🙂

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