A Writer’s Indulgent Delight

Every writer has their particular favourite drink. Whether it be a nice bitter dark coffee, a sweet warm tea … I’ve even heard of writers enjoying warm milk! But while we are typing away at the keyboard or scribbling with a well worn pen, or even rearranging plot cards, we writers like to sip at the same time. Although technically not at the same time as writing, I’ve even read that Tolkien and CS Lewis met up in an Oxford pub to discuss their musings. (I’ve been to it and it is full of charm. If you ever visit oxford, look out for the Eagle and Child).

I do love coffee. I’m not sure if the caffeine actually affects me anymore as my body clock is so messed up anyway. But apart from coffee, there is one particular indulgent delight I love to accompany me when I’m typing up all my notes and writings. Hot Spiced Apple – is so delicious and I thought why not share it all with you so you can have a dab at making it yourself. It is incredibly easy, and no matter what you have planned in an evening, whether it’s a bit of writing, knitting, reading or even curling up on the settee, you’ll fall in love with this if you have a sweet tooth.

Talking of sweet teeth, I recently persuaded young adult author, Holly Martin into trying my other indulgent drink – which is basically hot vimto. It was a little too sweet for her, but that’s OK, because that means I can keep it all to myself! #nomnomnom

Hot Spice Apple – 1 serving

Hot Spiced Apple
image from : http://www.cutoutandkeep.net

1 cup fall of pure apple juice (try not to have the unsweetened kind as this tends to make the drink quite weak)

1/2 teaspoon of honey

1 tablespoon of granulated sugar

1 cinnamon stick

1 star anise

Warm the apple juice in a pan, but don’t let it boil. A slow simmer for five minutes will be just fine. Some people like to add hot water to a smaller amount of apple juice, but in my opinion it only makes the drink taste weak – hot water with a hint of apple isn’t Hot Spiced Apple. When you pour it into a cup, add the honey and sugar and stir continuously for a few minutes. Add the cinnamon stick and star anise and leave for another 5 minutes – this will allow both spices (cinnamon and star anise) to permeate into the apple, spicing it up so it is strong enough to slightly warm the back of your throat. Also it will mean it has cooled down just enough for you to taste without burning your tongue.

And that is that! Simple!

If you are old enough (I was going to say over 18, but as the legal age for alcohol consumption differs from country to country I thought against it) why not use half a cup of apple juice and half a cup of cider when you simmer it in the pan. This is great for a cold autumn’s or winter’s night, especially bonfire night.

Let me know how you get on! In fact, why not take a picture of your drink and send it to me! Tweet me at dan_pentagram, I’d love to see what twists you can put on it.


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2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Indulgent Delight

  1. Will have to try this out! I normally love a good darjeeling myself

  2. Oh yes! Just what I need today, Dan 😀

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