A Year in the Making – A 2013 thank you

2013 has seemed to come and go in no time. Although, as many of you are sure to point out, it has taken a year to come and go; the same as last year and the year before that. Was it a leap year two years ago? I can’t even remember! But 2013 has seen my progress as a writer improve so much. I started 2013 with pipe dreams, and I’m ending 2013 with those same dreams, but they are that little step closer.

I think it is fair to say that I was once a naive writer; in some regards, I probably still am. But as with most people, I’ve learnt so much this year that will stay with me for the rest of my career. Marketing, promotion and even writing has been tough this year, but I’ve had so many highlights, which include appearing on radio, appearing as the guest star in a double page spread for a magazine, conducting a small county library tour – signing actual copies of my book!

Lincolnshire in Focus Mag Pic 1Lincolnshire in Focus Mag Pic 2

But I don’t want to turn this blog post into a self-indulgent clap on the back. I want this post to be dedicated to the people who have supported me this year, because the online writing community both in the forefront, as well as behind the scenes have helped me achieve so much.

I’ve met so many new writer friends, many who have started their journey during the year, whereas others who have sustained their path to stardom. I do want to mention a few names, because I do hope they will take my thanks for their contribution to my own journey.

Sharon Sant has been a real star this year for me in so many different ways. Promotion, writing technique, general advice and just friendly chats, Sharon has been the backbone of my writing achievement and accomplishments this year and I can’t thank her enough. I hope we get to meet one day.

Alison Jack was kind enough to take my adult novel, The Caseworker’s Memoirs and engage so positively with it that a quote from her review even ended up on the reissued front cover. I know she is a regular visitor to my blog, always happy to tweet my blog posts and support my writing. Thanks, Alison.

2013 has also allowed me to meet some new writers too.

Zachary Bonelli and Jaimie Admans have both been friendly and engaging, especially in conversation. I hope to get to know them better in 2014 – expect many emails! Toni Carter was one of the first people to offer their support with my novel release earlier in the year and it meant a lot to me. Holly Martin and I have only recently started talking, but I’ve enjoyed the little chats we have had. You never told me if you liked the hot vimto! Sharon Atkinson is another lady I’ve only recently made acquaintances with, but one that can easily grow in 2014.

But the relationships I started in 2012 grew in 2013 and the likes of Jack Croxall, Elizabeth Guizzetti, Tony Gilbert and Candace Knoebel has grown wonderfully in my opinion. I always know that they are only an email away. Their advice and friendly support are always appreciated. One of the great things about the internet is being able to form friendships with people who live all over the world. Both Elizabeth and Candace live in America, but that doesn’t halt our friendship, for we are all on the same writing journey.

I also owe many thanks to Kate Edwards who has also offered her friendship and help, more so than the help I’ve been able to return. Her knowledge and experience have helped me shape my own plans and ideas, both this year and for the new year ahead!

There has probably been people I’ve missed, and I’m sorry if I’ve failed to mention you here.

But what’s next for me, and more importantly my writing? Here Lies Love will be released in late spring/early summer. I’m very pleased with how it has been turning out recently. I’ll be working with a cover artists at the beginning of the new year – I can’t wait to see the finished artwork and share it with you all. The Black Petal – yes the book I’ve been babbling on about for ages and not shared any of it – is complete and is currently being shopped around. I’m confident that it will see a 2014 release. But of course there will be many giveaways, competitions and more in 2014! I’m going to be online more too, so come on and engage with me on twitter or facebook! I don’t bite, honestly.

In the meantime, have a great New Year and I’ll see you on the other side!



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2 thoughts on “A Year in the Making – A 2013 thank you

  1. Thanks Dan. Happy New Year! Please mail me the details of your new release and we can spotlight it x

  2. Candace Knoebel January 2, 2014 — 4:37 pm

    Thank you, Dan! You are magnificent and I wish you the best and more for this new year!

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