Cover Reveal: Super Fred

I have been chatting to the wildly charming, Tony Gilbert recently about his upcoming new book for children. I also had the chance of a sneak peak of Super Fred a while back and let me tell you, this book would be a great Christmas present for children who love a great rhyming story. Exceptionally well written, ounces of wit and funny in places too!

I did hear of Tony talking about an illustrator creating the book cover and artwork for the inside, and Tony has kindly taken me up on my offer to show off his brilliant new cover – Created by Pippa Cornell.

Super Fred Cover

Colourful, interesting and playful too, Super Fred will appeal to children of all ages – I can guarantee you of that. Here is the blurb:

Super Fred is the story of how a shy and gentle monster makes his mark on the world.

Have you ever woke at midnight
And looked under your bed?

Fred is an unusual monster.

After leaving scare school he realises that he doesn’t want to scare little boys and girls.
How can he show his face in Monster Land now? Everyone will laugh at him!
Then he meets a little boy called Dale, who comes up with an unexpected plan
Super Fred Teaser
Tony tells me that the book will be published in time for Christmas, be sure to check back for links when it is available! The book also has a Facebook page! In the meantime, you can check out my interview with Tony, who earlier in the year released a short story entitled Cloud Diary – with profits going to a children’s charity. I also reviewed his short children’s fantasy story, giving Hugo a huge 4 stars!
Super Fred is available in paperback from: createspace-logo
Tony Gilbert can be found on: Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads


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