Blue Dust: Destiny by Katy Krump – Book Review

blue_dust_destinySecond books are always eagerly anticipated, as they reintroduce you to characters you fell in love with from their first outing. When I first heard of this Sci-Fi sequel, I was itching to get my hands on it, as Blue Dust: Forbidden was so original and so well written, I just knew that Blue Dust: Destiny would blow me away. After finally finishing it, I was unprepared at how fantastic this book was going to be.

In the first book, we follow Qea’s plight as she must come to terms of what running from a powerful warlord means. She falls for Adam, a boy from Earth, who doesn’t know what he’s let himself in for, but is dragged along into space, encountering everything that Qea has tried to escape from. But through determination, Qea and Adam help the ‘forbidden’ children, where Qea learns of her destiny; the path the spiritual ‘Troiqa’ has set out for her. In Destiny, we follow Qea’s quest to rescue more of the forbidden children, destroying the Detention Hubs along the way. But this book isn’t just about defeating Inquisitors, grimy spectre-like beings that suck the souls of children. This is about Qea’s journey from just a naive leader of a small army into a mature phenomenon that will undoubtedly test her more than she ever imagined. She must infiltrate the ‘Citadel’ – a glass prison and battle an evil she never thought possible.

This is one action packed book – a book that captures your attention from page one, shaking it to its core and doesn’t let go even as you flip the last page. From battles with Inquisitors, to chasing an invisible army hell-bent on stealing children, to sabotaging the inner-workings of the dogmatic regime found in the glass Citadel; Qea has her work cut out for her.

I found Qea a delight to read and follow. She’s a young woman who grows throughout the course of the book; learning severe lessons along the way. She must learn to trust others, think before rushing into fights, as well as coming to terms with the truth about her early life. She’s naturally inquisitive; a trait I found mesmerising, as it gives the author ample opportunity to flex her creative mind and introduce us to other-worldly things. I found this maturing journey of Qea rather realistic, showing how smart this book really is. This is not just Qea’s path in terms of destiny, it’s the bridge of transforming from naive teenager to mature young woman.

But Qea learns the hard way that she not infallible, and so this gives way to a host of absolutely brilliant side characters. Adam is missing for a good chunk of Destiny, but this works fine as the other characters we come across all have their own nuances that are simply adorable. Zaq is the leader of an all boy tribe, and his moral compass is charming, whereas the female leader of the Mae-Zons matches his willingness to protect with her own witty allure. I loved how Katy Krump has re-invented the Amazons of myth. The whole case of characters here actually only enhance the story twice-fold, and I couldn’t help but wish to myself that non of them die later on in the book – I don’t think I would have coped!

Yet this is a book where characters will die, will shed blood and tears, never afraidKaty Krump2 of pulling punches and testing the reader’s resolve. There are moments here that are a little gruesome, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s brilliant! It needs to be, and it’s a testament to the author’s ability. She doesn’t patronise her readers with fluffy endings, happily ever after moments, as in the Octad at least, life is hard, where enemies will come at you from all angles, forcing you to survive by any means necessary.

I think with science fiction nowadays, it pays to be original, especially when it is really easy to ‘copy’ ideas that already exist within the Sci-Fi world, and Blue Dust: Destiny only expands on its uniqueness found from its first in the series. Katy Krump certainly has a clever and exceptional mind. I particularly found the entire glass-making element very interesting, yet completely plausible. And I think that is what works – it may be fantasy, yet you could so easily believe what it is you are reading.

Blue Dust: Destiny is a must read for anyone who is looking for a lose-yourself-in-a-fantastic-story read; one that is impressively well-written, has a brilliant structure and a cast of characters that you really feel for. Katy Krump’s writing style is astoundingly intense, detailed, yet easily accessible for the Young Adult market. The science fiction teenage tilt is so original, there just isn’t anything else like it out there. I fell in love with the whole book, as it not only expands upon Blue Dust: Forbidden, but also excels it in every conceivable way. The action is so unbelievably real and addictive, I often found goosebumps sizzling up my arms, only for me to ignore the time and my body screaming for my bed, to carry on reading until my eyes stung. Now all I have to do is wait until the final book comes out!

Star Base - 5

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