What Exactly is a Book Series – Guest List!

Over the past week, I’ve rambled on about what exactly makes a ‘Book Series’, including the differences between the continuation from book to book, and from the standalone. Well I thought to finish this week long tribute was to pester my fellow author and book bloggers and give you all some fantastic suggestions of Book Series. Of course, it is also another excuse to add books to our ever ending TBR pile of books. I don’t know about you, but my list grows longer by the day! So, to make things fair, I’m listing them in alphabetical order. Take it away guys …

Jaimie Admans

HungerGamesTrilogy Covers

“There are a few series I could probably mention, I grew up with Enid Blyton’s many series for children, and moved on to her Malory Towers series when I was a bit older, but my favourite series in recent years is definitely The Hunger Games. I didn’t find out about it until all books were released, and I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait to move on to the next one! It’s such a gripping series, Susanne Collins has done a fantastic job of world-building, not to mention the characters that feel so real and relatable. I read all the books within a few days, which is unheard of for me, but they were impossible to put down, and I didn’t want the series to end.”

jaimieadmans2Jaimie is a 27 year old, English-sounding Welsh girl and confesses to writing “Quite a lot!” She is the author of four published novels, the most recent being Not Pretty Enough, a quirky YA romantic comedy. She loves NaNoWriMo and takes part every year. She loves to stand out with hair that “isn’t considered ‘normal’” and horror films – “scarier the better.”

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Zachary Bonelli

The Hitch Hikers Cover

“The first book series I ever read was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. Both wildly funny and deeply sardonic, Hitchhiker’s made me laugh, but most importantly it made me think. Critical evaluation of our society is science fiction’s highest calling, in my opinion. While aliens and space ships and strange technology are nice, its as a lens for refocusing our perception of ourselves where speculative fiction really shines. From the restraurant at the end of the universe, all the way to Deep Thought, computing the meaning of life, the universe and everything, Hitchhiker’s continues to be, in its entirety, one of the best crafted fiction lenses of our time.”

Zacahry BonelliZachary Bonelli is the author of the Voyage Along the Catastrophe of Notions series, and is based near Seattle, USA, although he has traveled around Japan, Thailand and Hawaii. He loves stories and has long been fascinated by video games as a storytelling medium. He also loves exploring different cultures, discovering the different underlying stories that different groups of people tell themselves, the stories that define who they are and how they perceive the world.

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Rebecca Bradley

Blindsighted cover

“Crime fiction is my genre and I absolutely adore series crime fiction. The thing with a series is the ability for the author to build and grow the characters even more than the length of a novel provides time for.

My favourite crime series is written by Karin Slaughter. The reason she is my choice is simply because of the characters within the pages. Though the stories are great, they’re gripping and well written, it’s the characters who bring the whole to life. Slaughter has done the series with a twist and divided it into two series, moving a character from one US state to another after a massive event occurs. This keeps the series alive and different, and she goes back and merges the two series on occasion. Picking up a Slaughter book and sitting down with the characters feels like coming home for me.

If you want to try this series (or two series if you’re being technical) you need to start at the beginning with Blindsighted. I’d love to know what you think.”

rebeccabradleyRebecca is a full time, day job, working, mum, who uses her spare time to commit murder, while drinking copious amounts of tea. Without each of these things, the other could not possibly exist. The world does not spin without first having a cup of tea in a morning, never mind the complexities of rising, working and writing.

She is represented by Kate Nash of the Kate Nash Literary Agency and is working on the revisions of my her crime novel, which has a working title of Shallow Waters and is set in Nottingham.

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Fraser from Feed My Reads

JamesBarclay Collection

“As a book lover I have read many series of books I could recommend but there are 2 that stand out in my mind.  The first series I recommend is the Raven collection by James Barclay which is an epic tale of a band of heroes working together in adventures across the 7 books in the series.  I remember reading the series and being amazed at how much the books drew me into their world & how desperate I was to get on to the next book in the series whilst enjoying the one I was reading through.

The second series I recommend to people is The Wind On Fire Trilogy which is an amazing set of books by William Nicholson that I read a number of years ago and have purchased for many people since as I found them to be truly stunning.  The books are a series of young adult works and surround a world where all is decided by exams and what would happen if someone rebelled against the system.  It is a truly great series of books and I recommend anyone to read them.”

Fraser is the creator of the online community Feed My Reads, an online presence where authors and readers can connect. He’s a self-confessed book worm, and is building up quite a collection of interviews.


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Tony Gilbert


“I was asked by Dan recently about my favourite book series. The answer that first jumped to my mind was The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. What a fantastic set of books; great characters in a well-designed world. I have always been a massive fan of Stephen King but this fantasy set is not just for die-hard fans, pick up ‘The Gunslinger’ (Dark Tower 1) and give it a try.

When I thought a little more about the question, I realised there was one other series that surpassed everything I have ever read before. Ken Follett wrote two linked books: ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. Why I picked up ‘Pillars of the Earth’, I will never know – a book about a monk who wants to build a cathedral sounds like my idea of reading hell – but I did, and I loved it. Ken Follett creates characters that are so real they become your friends, you live with them through the hardships they face and the joy they feel. I have never met characters like them. The storyline is perfect with lots of twists and turns, which continue into book 2, and spans many, many years. If you hate cathedrals, monks, religion, history… still pick it up, you will be amazed.”

Tony GilbertTony Gilbert is a UK author known for his charity book The Cloud Diary, and his children’s fantasy story, Hugo. He is a married father of three, with a future release just around the corner.


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Elizabeth Guizzetti

the-truth-of-valor book cover

“The series I love best revolve around character rather than an overarching plot. I love Sherlock Holmes, RA Salvatore’s books about the character Drizzt Do’Urden–generally there is trilogies with a plot, but the whole series is about his life. One of my fav YA series is Harry Potter –though I began questioning why the final battles always happened at the end of the school year.

However my favorite series of all time is Tanya Huff’s The Valor Series which is a science fiction series about space marines. Each book is its own adventure following Torin Kerr as she moves through the ranks and eventually leaves the marines.”

Elizabeth GuizzettiElizabeth Guizzetti is a science fiction writer from Seattle, USA. Her debut novel, Other Systems was published by 48Fourteen last year. She loves to create. In her mind, she has the best job (or jobs) in the world. She gets an idea, runs with it until it leads her to generate whatever it is going to be. Her process beings with a big idea and most importantly the end vision for the idea. She believes the best advice for all aspiring authors and artists is “Believe you have a story worth telling and get to work!” 

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Sandy from The Reading Café

christinefeehandark series

“Wow, this is difficult to pick just one or two favourite book series
especially knowing that if I leave one off, I will curse myself for

Like many ‘born-again’ readers The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer
brought me back into the reading fold.  Although the series is not
necessarily one of my favourites, it can be considered the cause of my
new-found addiction to reading.

The Dark Carpathian series by Christine Feehan.
Christine is an author who was one of the first to bring vampires and the
paranormal storylines back into the forefront of reader curiosity.
Although CF’s vampires are NOT the stuff of sparkly fairy tales, her
Carpathian men need only one woman to bring emotions back into their lives
because without their lifemate, the male will eventually turn vampire and
have to be destroyed.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward
What can I say but ….growwwlll and purrrrr.  These sexy vampires are all
about protecting the women that they love above all else.  *sigh* we need
more men in the world who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the

Six Saviour series by Carly Fall (indie)
Carly blends a little sci-fi with her paranormal storylines.  The warriors
from planet SR44 have come to earth looking for escapees knowns as
Colonists but have a difficult time the missing prisoners.  But along the
way, each will find their mate or lose their life trying to protect the
people of earth.

Guardians of the Race series by Jacqueline Rhoades (indie)
The Guardians are of the Race, with superior strength and speed, descended
from Gabriel who are on earth to protect the humans and guard the portal,
ensuring the demons do not cross the barrier. As an indie author,
Jacqueline caught my eye with her first story Guardian’s Grace and I
haven’t looked back.

Spiral of Bliss by Nina Lane
Nina has written a contemporary romance series that is sensual, alluring,
arousing and heartbreaking all in one story.  The series is character
driven and Nina pulls the reader into the story so that we ‘feel’ the
emotions and experience the highs and lows. *someone please hand me a

The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Acheron-need I say more !!!!!!

Dragon Kin by G.A.Aiken
OMG, what can I say but when you need a laugh, G.A. delivers. Her dragons
are sexy, voracious and not without some attitude.

Pride Series by Shelly Laurenston
Shelly (aka G.A.Aiken) blends humour, sarcasm and likeable characters with
a shifter storyline that will keep you laughing

Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones
Darynda writes Charley with so much sarcasm, witty one liners and humour
that everyone will recognize a little of themselves or a friend in the

Women of the Otherworld/Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong
Kelley is a wonderful Canadian author whose series pulled me in from the
very start.  Her werewolves are sensual, sexual and caught my attention
when Clay Danvers was afraid of losing the only woman he has ever loved
and ‘bit’ her to ensure she remained by his side -forever.

I guess, after reading my list, I should stop but there are so many other
series and authors that I have not mentioned that are MUST READS for me
including Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh, Jennifer Ashley, Elisabeth Naughton,
Laura Wright, Lisa Renee Jones, Laura Kaye, Katie Reus, and so on ……

Um, apparently this is more than one or two series.  As a reviewer I have
discovered so many author and series that I am unable to pick out JUST
ONE.  Although, if I was stranded on a deserted island and was only
allowed ONE author or series, I would probably choose…….”

TheReadingCafeLogoSandy is one of the main reviewers over at The Reading cafe, an online book blog that reviews new releases, as well host author interviews.


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And that is it! I just want to thank all of the people who have taken part in this tribute week, as well as to the readers who have come back each day to read more about book series. And with all of the suggestions above, well we’ll have plenty to look out for. Of course, if you have any suggestions, please do get in touch!


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8 thoughts on “What Exactly is a Book Series – Guest List!

  1. Brilliant post – thank you for having me, Dan! 🙂

  2. Hi Dan. Love the idea of the post and it is obvious I have some issues with my TBR pile and authors that I love to read 😉 (and I forgot to mention Jennifer Lyon’s PLUS ONE CHRONICLES -contemporary, erotic, romance) 😉

  3. Thanks for having me too! Great post, Dan.

  4. Thanks for having me Dan. It was a great post to be a part of!

  5. Reblogged this on Rebecca Bradley and commented:
    Today I was lucky enough to be involved in a blog post of Dan’s which was part of a week long discussion on the book series.

  6. It’s really funny as I was going to say I wasn’t much of a fan of series and was more into standalone reads and then realised I tore through The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter books and can’t wait for Val McDermid to write another Tony Hill based novel in her Wire in the Blood series! And like Jaimie I loved the Mallory Towers books as a kid.

    I guess the thing I’m not a huge fan of is . . . waiting. I’m an impatient soul. I’m currently enjoying Game of Thrones, I’ve never read a fantasy series before and probably wouldn’t have tried them if I hadn’t seen the HBO show, but I am deeply grateful that I’ve got a big handful of books ready and waiting for me.

    As an author I can see the appeal of a series. When you fall in love with your characters it can be hard to leave them alone once you’ve birthed them. I had lunch with a new writer yesterday and we’re both currently in mourning, I don’t think I’m quite done with mine just yet : ) This post was a great read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I grew up with the Famous Five series, and then moved onto fantasy series as I got older, so I’ve been ‘in’ to them for as long as I can remember.

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