What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’?

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I think I may have made myself obvious with regards to my opinion on book series. I do love a book that is part of a much larger whole, and especially young adult books, as these make the juiciest kinds of book series. I have come across readers and authors who, unlike me, aren’t really fond of the book series kind of fiction, which I think is a credible opinion, but to be honest, I think that may mean they may miss out on some fantastic reads out there. But what do we mean when we say a ‘book series’? You may be surprised to discover that there are different kinds of ‘book series’, and I thought over the coming week, taking a look at these differing types of serials would be a perfect tribute.

By looking at specific types of serials, I can use specific examples, naming some pretty well known book series, as well as a few that aren’t that well known too. I also harassed UK author, Sharon Sant into writing a guest post about her experiences when writing her Sky Song Trilogy, so you can look forward to that too – this will especially help wannabe writers who are looking into writing series.

So, in the meantime, I want to know, what are some of your favourite book series? Perhaps you were looking forward to reading a series, only to discover you actually disliked it?

I know you may have a busy week, but remember to stay tuned if you want to read more about book series.

Post 1 – What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’

Post 2 – What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’ – One Piece to Make a Whole

Post 3 – Guest Post by Sharon Sant

Post 4 – What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’ – The Standalone

Post 5 – What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’ – Crossing Boundaries

Post 6 – Guest List 


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2 thoughts on “What Exactly is a ‘Book Series’?

  1. I’m not really a series person, Dan (I think I’m too impatient), but I’m always open to suggestion and am looking forward to these post 😀

    1. Perhaps you may prefer the Standalone series 🙂

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