News: UK’s National Self-Publishing Awards 2014

FirstPlaceRibbon“Self-Publishing Awards” did you say? YES, I did. Organised by Writing Magazine (The UK’s best-selling monthly writing magazine) and supported by the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust, the National Self-Publishing Awards is now open for submissions.

It is, perhaps, the only award for self-published authors here in the UK, and with a first prize of £750 and runner-up prize of £250, it is nothing to be scoffed at. Being self-published has never been easier, but still, there are readers out there that simply won’t read anything by this type of author, so it seems like really great news that an awards event gives credit to these types of authors.

In my opinion, any UK Self-Published author would be mad to miss the chance to have this title. Being Self-Published in today’s market means that we have to have the self-belief in ourselves to push the marketing and promotion, so why wouldn’t we want to win this award? And besides, it’ll look absolutely fantastic on our query letter to a publisher/agent wouldn’t it?

So Dan, i hear you ask, what are the rules? Well firstly, you need to be a UK resident, and since I have some readers on my blog that are from outside the UK, i apologise to you first. But if you are from the UK, here is what you need to know:

The award recognises any genre and any reader market, so from fiction, to poetry, to young adult, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary … you name it, they’ll accept it. However, it needs to have been published in print form. If you simple publish eBooks, then I’m sorry, you aren’t eligible. The Books needs to have been published between January 1st 2013 – December 31st 2013.

You need to send in a physical copy of the work, along with a £10 entry fee, and a short (500 word) account “of your aims, achievements and, most importantly, how much of the self-publishing you undertook yourself.”

If you do think about entering, you have until January 31st 2014 to make up your mind, and the great thing about this, is that any projects you are currently working on can also be acknowledged, as long as you publish it before the end of the year. I know I will be entering, will you? Good luck!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE Self Publishing award competition entry form


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3 thoughts on “News: UK’s National Self-Publishing Awards 2014

  1. That’s great Dan. I’ve shared this post!

    1. Great, Rebecca. The more people who know about this award, the better in my mind. Self-Publishing is nothing to stick your nose up at – let’s celebrate some of the fantastic books out there.

  2. Best of luck, Dan!!! 😀

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