News: Publishers Accepting Manuscripts

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to post some news posts to help my wonderful writer readers – did that make sense? Confused? Lol. As a blogger who reads multiple writing magazines, as well as trawling through publishers, agents, competitions websites, i feel it was about time I started ‘passing on’ valuable news information pieces on in case there are any readers (who are writers) and looking for that particular opportunity.



Salt is an English publisher, who is based in Cambridge, and have published nearly 1,000 titles both in England, as well as internationally too. Most recently, one of their published authors, Alison Moore, had her book The Lighthouse shortlisted for the Man Booker prize – which is a fantastic achievement!

As you can see, they publish high quality books, and at present, they are open for submissions directly from the author – which means no need for an agent. They are currently looking for works of less than 80,000 words in the following genres:

  1. “NORFOLK GOTHIC” – Dark fiction set explicitly in the English county of Norfolk. That is, works which centrally feature Norfolk settings and landscapes and which deal with the sinister side of human nature, containing elements of threat, menace, fear and death.
  2. LITERARY FICTION – Accessible, original, serious and compelling literary novels – though not experimental fiction.
  3. CRIME FICTION – Sophisticated and original literary crime fiction; dark, fast-paced thrillers (especially those which feature both UK and continental European settings); traditional mainstream detective fiction and procedurals.

Although Norfolk Gothic is rather a niche market, there are plenty of writers out there producing top-end Literary and Crime fiction. If Salt interests you, check out there website.

Heroes and Heartbreakers:heroesandheartbreakers logo

Part of the Macmillan group, Heroes and Heartbreakers are currently seeking romantic short stories and novellas, which also includes urban fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, historical and chick lit. With romance and erotica selling in huge numbers at the minute (largely thanks to 50 Shades of Grey) any writer who specialises in this type of market would be stupid to not take a look at their website.


48 Fourteen48fourteen logo

Based in the US, 48 Fourteen is a small press online publisher that specialises in eBooks, but with good sales, may lead to a print version. They accept pretty much any genre of fiction: YA, Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction …. the list goes on. But they are only after serious submissions from Authors who are willing to put in the hard work too and grow readership. They want ‘fresh ideas’ and have recently done very well in the YA genre. If you are interested, give their website a go, and they even accept non-US authors too.


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  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Dan. I think posts like this are a great idea! 😀

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