Day Out at Duxford Spring Air Show 2013

Yesterday, I went to my very first Air Show. It was something I was looking forward to for a while, but I actually found that the date crept up out of nowhere, and despite plenty of bad weather over here in the UK, the day was arguably the warmest this year. Held at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, the Spring Air Show was being held in memory of 70 years since the American Air Force came over to Britain and took over at RAF Duxford. Plenty of displays were promised, and the show lived up to my expectations.

World War II history had always been lost on me. I never really paid attention to it in history lessons, instead sitting up and relishing the wealth of knowledge about the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. But recently, I’ve discovered an interest for this relatively recent period in our history, and with it, the fascinating and often personal history of WWII aircraft.

The Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster are iconic in British Aviation history and the Battle of Britain Memorial flight made a brief appearance at the show, which to say the least, was absolutely mind-blowing. But as well as that, plenty of American aircraft was on display to commemorate the event. Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Sky Trains … and I was stood there, in a crowd of roughly 20,000, and was gobsmacked at some of the aerial loop-the-loops, twirls and other aerobatics that played out in the sky above me.

It was rather fitting actually, because towards the end of my latest release, The Caseworker’s Memoirs, the chapter focuses on Malcolm visiting a care home and listening to an elderly man’s story of War. The Lancaster actually features in the story, and the chance to see it fly in front of me was an experience I’ll never forget.

Rather than writing about what I saw, I felt like I could instead show you some of the sights and let you make the decision of whether it’s worth a go or not.

Duxford  5 Duxford  9 Duxford 6 Duxford 4 Duxford 3 Duxford 2 Duxford 1 Duxford 7 Duxford 8 Duxford 10 Duxford 11 Duxford 12 Duxford 15 Duxford 14 Duxford 13


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