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I had another blog post planned for today, but after seeing this fantastic picture over on Everything Books & Authors Facebook page, I simply couldn’t resist. Isn’t it great! I love how it looks so airy and spacious, yet very personal will artefacts and cultural memorabilia so carefully placed. And you can’t help but notice how original and fun the ladder leading up to circular bookcase is. Whoever designed this should be applauded. I’ve made it my mission to steal copy this design when I’m rich and famous. OK, so I may be dreaming, but a guy can be optimistic, right?

And it got me thinking about work space in general. How do you guys work? Do you need large sash windows overlooking a meadow … a peaceful garden … a busy street … or perhaps you prefer to lock yourself behind four walls with the curtains fully closed? Perhaps you don’t have a specific room, but just a corner of the dining room table.

Do you need to be organised or can you work in utter chaos … or organised chaos as I call it. If I’ve made a mess, I still swear that I know where things are if I need them. As I’ve already mentioned in earlier blog posts, I like to get out of the house and write in my local Costa – it just gets me away from unnecessary distractions. But I often daydream of writing in my own office, looking out of the window when I’m a little stuck for ideas, rain pitter pattering down the window and … complete silence.

What about you guys, do let me know!


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12 thoughts on “Writing Workspace

  1. I like to sit at my desk by the window so I can stare out expectantly when awaiting inspiration! I put a picture of my work space up here: http://bit.ly/SJlcHx ) It’s never really this tidy!!)

    1. That’s great, Jack. What can you see out of your window?

      1. Trees, a bus shelter, a small road/lane, hedges but, most importantly, the sky!!

  2. I totally love that design of room. Would be a dream to write there. ❤ Me, I don't have anything flash like that, just a desk with my computer…I can see outside, which is one thing, but not much to look at.

    1. What about if we save up and go halves …? Lol 🙂 thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. Sounds like a plan..-gets a lotto ticket- And you’re welcome, you have a great blog :3

  3. Oh, I love the picture. I have two places. One is on my couch with my laptop so I can sit with my dogs, the other is my master bedroom closet with my desk top, also my artwork/design computer. I like to edit on the big screen, but it is a tiny place with no windows.

    1. It is really interesting to see how people’s writing-space vary so much!

  4. I find I can write anywhere, as long as I have some charge in my laptop battery. I wrote most of my first draft of my current novel at my desk in my bedroom, but the I’ve written in various cafes, pubs, fast food outlets, in the sports bar at Centre Parcs (it was a very creative week), on my sofa, and most weirdly, between taking calls in a call centre (it was a bank holiday, and was really quiet that day). I found each setting give me a different mood for writing different sections of the story.

    1. I bet it was wonderful writing at Centre Parcs, were you relaxed?

  5. I absolutely love wide open spaces when I write, Dan 😀 Having said that, this room does look inspiring! 😀

    1. Going by some if your blog pics, Dianne, Australia looks so peaceful. I could probably lose myself there in the countryside!

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