May New Releases

Now as a new month approaches, we are in for a great treat as three new books are released TODAY! And yes, it is May already, and no, I have no explanation as to how the time has gone by so quickly. It only feels as if Christmas was here just a few weeks ago. But enough babbling, on to the books!

Other Systems by Elizabeth Guizzetti

othersystemscover2Other Systems isn’t a new book as such, but today marks the release of the paperback, which is fabulous news. When this fresh Sci-Fi adventure was released I not only interviewed the talented author, but also gave this a great review too. “It’s an intelligent novel that will send your mind wondering and I loved the fact that the book could become quite intense at times because ultimately this strengthened my connection with the characters.” – comes to mind as i look back over my review. And with a new sexy, intriguing and colourful front cover, Other Systems has something for everybody. Below you can find the synopsis and video trailer.

Without an influx of human DNA, the utopian colony on Kipos has eleven generations before it reaches failure. Earth is over ninety light years away. Time is short. On the over-crowded Earth, many see opportunity in Kipos’s need. After medical, intelligence, and physiological testing, Abby and her younger siblings, Jin and Orchid, are offered transportation. Along with 750,000 other strong immigrants, they leave the safety of their family with the expectation of good jobs and the opportunity for higher education. While the Earthlings travel to the new planet in stasis, the Kiposi, terrified the savages will taint their paradise, pass a series of indenture and adoption laws in order to assimilate them. When Abby wakes up on Kipos, Jin cannot be found. Orchid is ripped from her arms as Abby is sold to a dull-eyed man with a sterilized wife. Indentured to breed, she is drugged and systematically coerced. To survive, Abby learns the differences in culture and language using the only thing that is truly hers on this new world: her analytical mind. In order to escape her captors, she joins a planetary survey team where she will discover yet another way of life.

You can buy the paperback from Amazon / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble

Not of Our Sky by Sharon Sant

not of our skyThis release is the third and last instalment of the wonderful Sky Song Trilogy. I recently interviewed Sharon about her trilogy, and finishing Sky Song (Book 1) i was left amazed by its realistic fantasy themes. “Its fantasy is equally matched by its realism, and lots of original concepts thrown in to boot.” The cover is great too, and i love the purple haze. Below, you can see the synopsis.

Jacob fights for his life and Ellen faces her toughest decision yet: whether to finally reveal his true identity to his parents. For Jacob is one of the Watchers of Astrae, a race of beings with extraordinary powers, and sworn to protect the natural order of the universe. But Jacob has broken one of Astrae’s oldest laws and chaos threatens to cover the Earth.

Alex faces the fall into darkness that has long been prophesised. Her only ally is Makash, their bitter and twisted uncle, and Jacob has already succumbed to the shadows. Who will be there to catch her?

With the first part of the ancient prophecy already coming to pass, it seems their only hope lies in the second part – the riddle of the star that will bring them back to the light. But what does it mean? And why do Jacob, Alex and Ellen all dream of the same lighthouse, night after night?

Not of Our Sky is the third book of the Sky Song Trilogy.

You can purchase the ebook from Amazon / Amazon UK

Minutes before Sunset by Shannon Thompson

Minutes Before SunsetI was immensely impressed with Shannon Thompson’s idea for her paranormal romance novel that features multiple points of view and intriguing shift of shades and lights. I couldn’t resist but interview her and ask her about her ideology in her writing. This book is most certainly on my too read list and with some great reviews already, you can’t go wrong with this YA novel. Below, you can see the synopsis.

Eric has a life-or-death confrontation planned and waiting for him on his 18th birthday. And Jessica just wants to find out who, or what, her parents were. Neither of them is ready for the answers they’ll find.

Minutes Before Sunset is Book 1 of the Timely Death series.

“She was undoubtedly a shade, but I didn’t know her.”

Eric Welborn isn’t completely human, but he isn’t the only shade in the small Midwest town of Hayworth. With one year left before his eighteenth birthday, Eric is destined to win a long-raging war for his kind. But then she happens. In the middle of the night, Eric meets a nameless shade, and she’s powerful—too powerful—and his beliefs are altered. The Dark has lied to him, and he’s determined to figure out exactly what lies were told, even if the secrets protect his survival.

“He had gotten so close to me—and I couldn’t move—I couldn’t get away.”

Jessica Taylor moves to Hayworth, and her only goal is to find more information on her deceased biological family. Her adoptive parents agree to help on one condition: perfect grades. And Jessica is distraught when she’s assigned as Eric’s class partner. He won’t help, let alone talk to her, but she’s determined to change him—even if it means revealing everything he’s strived to hide.

You can purchase the ebook from Amazon / Amazon UK / Smashwords

With some fantastic choices at the very start of May, what is there to look forward to later on in the month?


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  1. Thank you so much for including my young-adult novel, Minutes Before Sunset.
    You’re so kind.

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