The Boston Marathon Auction + Library Talk

FlowersBostonToday you get two news items in one! You lucky, lucky people! But perhaps, most importantly, we need to talk about the Boston Marathon tragedy. I remember getting to work at about 10PM and seeing it happen on the news coverage. The graphic detail some of the news channels went in to was, in my opinion, unnecessary. Real people were hurt and there were the unfortunate ones who lost their lives in the attack – we should really respect the dignity of the victims and not show their blood splattered against the pavement as if it were graffiti.

However, author and proud Bostonian, KT Crowley has put together an auction to encourage readers to purchase special lots by some well-loved authors and raise some money for the victims of this terrible ordeal. YA author, Sharon Sant, emailed me and asked me if i was interested in taking part – of course the answer was a resound YES! And so, you can bid for a signed paperback of my new book, The Caseworker’s Memoirs, and know that you are helping this fantastic cause.

The Caseworker’s Memoirs has been put together in a lot of some other pretty fantastic reads, including Sharon Sant’s dreamlike The Sky Song trilogy and Jack Croxall’s brilliant YA adventure TethersYou may know that i’ve already read and reviewed both Sharon and Jack’s work, and it’s pretty astounding that i’ve been included in this auction lot with such fantastic and skilled authors.

If you are interested in helping raise some money to help the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy, click here to see the auction lot.


In other news, I’ll be giving a talk at Gainsborough Library on 3rd June 2013, to talk GainsLibraryabout my latest release, as well as writing in general. It’s pretty exciting, right? I’ve never given an author talk before, i only hope i can be good enough to keep people entertained. Gainsborough Library is my local library, and i’ve been going there since i was a little boy – little did i know that some day i would actually feature there.

If you are interested in coming along to meet me, you can find the details below 🙂

Gainsborough Library,

Cobden Street,


DN21 2NG


JUNE 3RD 2013 – 6:30PM

I hope to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon Auction + Library Talk

  1. It’s great when people get together to raise money for a worthy cause. I auctioned two of my books to raise money for the floods in Queensland a few years back and it was a wonderful feeling knowing my writing was doing something to help someone. Well done! 😉

    1. Thanks, Dianne 🙂 I just hope we can raise some money!

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