The Caseworker’s Memoirs Giveaway

The Caseworker's Memoirs - Preview copy 2Would you like to win an ecopy of my latest book, The Caseworker’s Memoirs? Of course you do! There are two competitions to enter:

1) The first is to head on over to Everything Books & Authors, where the lovely Toni is holding a raffle. Read my interview and at the bottom is the giveaway. Simples!

2) When i reach 50 likes on my Author Facebook page, i’ll hold a giveaway myself. The copy will be in PDF format. And then there will be regular giveaways after reaching more milestones.

Go on – you know you want to enter. One reviewer said that it was ‘incredibly engaging and frequently touching.’

But why? you may ask – well if you keep up to date on my facebook page, you’ll know what i’m up to, can read reviews, book suggestions, enter competitions etc.


Come and like my Author Facebook Page or join me over at Goodreads or Pinterest

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1 thought on “The Caseworker’s Memoirs Giveaway

  1. Best of luck, Dan. 😀

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