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Caseworker's Memoirs - blog tour

As some of you may know, my new book The Caseworker’s Memoirs is set around different fears, or more aptly, phobias. This isn’t a horror story, but I can’t deny that tension doesn’t play a part.

Phobias are interesting and intriguing things; born out of a bad experience or from culture and the society in which we all live. I was given the opportunity to write a short piece on popular science website Unpopular Science – head on over there and tell me what you think.

Phobias and Society – Unpopular Science

PS: There’s an interesting fact about buttons on there I’m sure all of you will be amazed at!

First Stop: Author interview over on Everything Books & Authors

Second Stop: Libraries Guest Post on Jack Croxall


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2 thoughts on “Third Stop on the Blog Tour

  1. The article is great, Dan – well done!

    1. Thanks, Dianne 🙂 some interesting facts there, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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