New Book Trailer

Just a quick update to say i now have a new book trailer for The Caseworker’s Memoirs! I’m really excited to show this off – please let me know what you think. I don’t have advanced software and i have no experience in Video Design – so please be gentle. The video has been uploaded to my new YouTube Channel – yay!

I really must thank American author Candace Knoebel whose blog post helped me create my very own trailer. She is the author of Born in Flames. Please check out her site.

You can read more about my latest project here.

UPDATE: Thanks to author, Tony Gilbert who spotted a few mistakes in my trailer. Hopefully i’ve fixed a few things now 🙂

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7 thoughts on “New Book Trailer

      1. I love the background music as well 😉

      2. The music gets a reference in the book 🙂 or the closest i could find as to what i imagined. I’m glad the trailer has been quite well received. I’m by no means a pro and I’m sure to some people it will look amateurish but i did work hard on it.

      3. I think it’s great! I wish I could do something like this 😀

  1. Great synergy of music and the book theme.. Which resonates with you more?


    1. I’m afraid i can’t take credit for the music, Shakti, that was all Kevin MacLeod, an online music composer. The piece itself is entitled ‘Lone Harvest’. The themes of the book are which kick-started the project. As i have a phobia myself (one that is featured in the book) i found myself researching bizarre and uncommon phobias, which ultimately made their way into the book. Thanks for stopping by!

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