This is the provisional front cover - let me know what you think!
This is the provisional front cover – let me know what you think!

I am well over halfway in with my latest WIP (work in progress) and I’m now confident enough to share it with you. My brain, more often than not unreliable, always teases me with ideas, usually in the form of scenes in my head. It can be hard sometimes to know which ones have substance and which ones are just fleeting what-if’s. The Caseworker’s Memoirs started off as just a collection of short stories until I suddenly felt that it was missing something. That was until Malcolm came along. Malcolm is our Counsellor in the back-story and it is because of him that this project gripped me and would not let me go.

Malcolm was losing touch with the world; a retired counsellor and recently widowed, he lived each day sat at his desk, watching the world pass him by. That’s until his daughter gave him a leather-bound notebook. She encouraged him to write about times long past that he shared with his loving wife, but as dreams of his previous patients take hold of him, he has no choice but to share his experiences and thoughts.

The Caseworker’s Memoirs is a collection of short stories with one particular theme; phobias. Phobias can ruin lives, whilst some dictate and others poke fun, but the seven cases that keep Malcolm up at night range from the bizarre to the psychotic. This is Malcolm’s attempt to rid himself of his pent-up guilt, his emotional involvement with his former occupation, but perhaps most of all, his attempt to have a purpose in life.

From the rational fear of heights to the peculiar fear of time, from the obsessive fear of terrorism to the psychological ignorance of homophobia, The Caseworker’s Memoirs is not only a tale of one man’s grief, but also the tale of seven other families that are affected by real phobias.

The Caseworker’s Memoirs will be published in both ebook and paperback sometime in the next few months.

To keep up with the progress of The Caseworker’s Memoirs, you can join my Author’s Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. You can of course follow this blog for regular updates, book reviews, author interviews and general twittering’s of a writer in progress.

UPDATE: I now have a book trailer for The Caseworker’s Memoirs – let me know what you guys think:

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5 thoughts on “My WIP

  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful, Dan. I can’t wait to read it (I love short stories!)

    The cover is great. Did you do it yourself, or did you get some help?

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I did the cover myself. I’m quite new to these photo editing softwares – I gave it a good go!

      1. Which software did you use? Also, are you publishing it on LULU?

      2. I used Paint Shop Pro version X3 – there are so many things i don’t understand. I think its going to be one of those things where you practice. I will be publishing it on LuLu (paperback). I’ve saved your email and will be using it as a guide 🙂

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