Candace Knoebel Wins an Award!

BorninFlamesIf you think back to September last year (if you regularly follow my blog) I interviewed American Author, Candace Knoebel about her debut Urban-Fantasy novel, Born in Flames. Well, just a few days ago, Born in Flames won the Turning the Pages ‘Book of the Year 2012’ Award!

How exciting is that! Candace must be over the moon! It’s an award that is voted for by real readers and because of that, it must bring extra satisfaction being up against some fierce competition and still come out on top.

Of course, I knew she was on to a winner when I read it. If I may pick some well written (cough) quotes from my review; here’s what I said about Born in Flames ¬

This one is a special gem.

It is full of wonderfully creative, imaginative and magical jaunts of spell casting and realistic and necessary violence.

It offers magic, myth, love, action and is done so in a tightly knit mysterious plot that doesn’t answer all of its questions, but leaves you wanting to find out more and for me that is the very essence of a trilogy or series. ‘Born in Flames’ is part of something much bigger …

And obviously I can’t be wrong here! If you would like to read my review of Born in Flames, you can so here, and if you would like to read the interview I did with Candace, you can so here. There is a reason I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

From me, I would like to congratulate Candace on her work and her win and wish her all the best with the trilogy. Part two of the trilogy will be soon and she is currently writing the third and last part. Go on – check it out 🙂 Stay tuned to my blog, for i will undoubtedly feature the rest of the series in the future.

Also, Candace is running a little competition on her Facebook page. She is trying to reach 500 ‘likes’. Click here to go and like her page and be in the running for a load of Born in Flame goodies, plus an Amazon gift card.

To visit Candace’s blog/website click here. To purchase/check out Born in Flames – you can do so via the Amazon links. Amazon USAAmazon UK

Here is the trailer once again to whet your appetite further.

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4 thoughts on “Candace Knoebel Wins an Award!

  1. Aww thank you, Daniel! I am still really excited!!! I can’t wait to share more with you! You are AWESOME!

    1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 Have you got a rough release date yet for Book 2?

      1. By summer!

  2. Congratulations to Candace! Well done 😀

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