New Project Begins

Whilst I have been off work, lazily gently relaxing in front of the TV or catching up on reading, my head has been exploding. Well, not literally but it may have well just supercharged an entire street’s lampposts. I’ve been getting creative ideas left right and centre; a story plot here, a character there – you name it!

Well, as my teenage novel ‘The Black Petal‘ is still being edited by my fantastic editor, Doug Watts, I’ve decided i need a break from that saga. I’ve planned the entire Book #2 and even have a working title, but instead of moving forward with that, I’ve actually come up with a new project. The reason why I’ve decided to leave Book #2 for now, is simply because it is a much bigger and longer book and i need to be 100% focused on that and with all of these ideas floating around inside my head at the moment, i’m a little worried ideas are going to merge and mix – and whilst that may be OK for some authors, it isn’t right for me.

But this new project – i am not going to be revealing the details just yet, i want it to come on nicely. I will be leaving a little few clues as i go along – you can follow me on Twitter @dan_pentagram where i’ll be dropping the hints – see if you can guess.

What I will say however, is that it isn’t a novel, but a collection of 7 short stories that i will self-publish on Amazon. If it is successful, i may pay for a handful of hard copies to be made up, which i’ll sell directly on the website.

It’s important for me to get back into the writing swing, especially as Christmas in nearing us. I’ve been recuperating from my operation and concentrating on the edits of ‘The Black Petal’ that I’ve actually neglected the most important process; the writing.

So, stay in touch and i’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “New Project Begins

  1. Sounds wonderful, Dan. Best of luck! 😉

    1. I can’t believe I’ve been neglecting the most important and fundamental aspect of writing – the writing itself! Planning and editing is vital too, but it is time for me to try something a little different.

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