Does your child still believe in Santa?

SantaIf the answer is still yes to the above title, then they will love this special message from Santa himself!

My mum first introduced this to me when she created a video message from Santa to my daughter last year, but now that she is nearly 4; this year’s message meant more to her. She gasped aloud when she realised that Santa was indeed talking to her, mentioning to her by name. She tried talking back to him and the most amazing moment as a parent was to watch the magic sparkle in her eyes as she truly believed that she had been a good little girl and that Santa had promised to visit her this year.

The PNP or Portable North Pole, is a free video message you can create by choosing a variety of options, upon which when finished, Santa will walk your child through his grotto, introduce him to his reindeers and elves and even pick out a book with their name on it and their picture in it.



It’s such a magical time when you are a child, especially if they believe in Santa Clause. You can write a few sentences regarding your child’s most recent activities and the Santa will repeat all the information back to your child. It is important to note that all of this video message is done completely by real actors and not cartoon or animation, which as a result makes the experience much more realistic.

To give you a preview of what you can do, if you click here, I’ll let you see the special message created for my daughter this year. She loved it. Go on – give your child a magic moment you’ll treasure for week. It takes half an hour tops to create.

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4 thoughts on “Does your child still believe in Santa?

  1. I used this last year and will be doing so again this year! (Unsure what to do re: controlling child’s behaviour once threat of Santa not visiting runs out by approx 7am on 25th though…)

    1. 🙂 I see your dilemma! Though on the 25th, let’s hope they are preoccupied by all of those wonderful gifts Santa heaved down the chimney ;0)

  2. My children are too old now – but one day, when they have their own children I’ll remember this 😉

    1. It’s so worth it to see their little faces light up! I’m glad you liked this!

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