My BBC Radio Interview

Yesterday I appeared on the radio for the very first time. I was so excited and nervous and as I was sat waiting in the reception before being taken into the studio, my mind went blank and everything I had planned to say, conveniently floated out of my mind.

In case you were wondering, I was invited to appear on Melvyn Prior’s Morning Show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire to discuss my new ebook called ‘Life is all but a vast array of Colours’. It was such a surprise to receive the phone call, but thanks to some good advice, including some wise words from Australian author Dianne Gray, I meticulously planned an answer for every kind of question I could be asked.

Donating fifty percent of the royalties to Pancreatic Cancer UK was also going to play a huge part and I memorised all of the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer so I could helpfully make people aware of early signs.

However, with my mind going completely blank, I had no choice but to breathe and take things one question at a time. To be fair, Melvyn was a perfect presenter and he helped me along with every question. He was kind, happy and bubbly and actually it felt like I was just talking to him rather than talking to thousands of listeners. His questions were very varied and looking back, I didn’t even realise that he would mention those aspects. He asked me about my writing process and history and even asked about my daughter, Autumn, so all was covered really and what I expected to be a short interview about an ebook, turned into a real story piece about my writing, me as a writer, my late stepmum Liz (Whom the book is dedicated to) and about Pancreatic Cancer.

The feedback from after the interview was great and I received an email from the head of Pancreatic Cancer UK fundraising department who said I did great and they were all listening. Wow – huge support and very humbling to know that I was doing a little good at the same time as promoting myself.

I’ve heard a little back, but I had to stop it because I’ve recently discovered that I in fact dislike my voice – do I really sound like that? It was awful! If you can put up with my voice, you can listen to the interview here. It starts roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes in.

Thanks to the interview though, my short ebook rocketed up the poetry charts on the UK Amazon to number #11. What an amazing experience! Number 11 in the charts in the poetry section – can you believe it? I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who took the time to either listen to the interview or who went and bought it because at 77p, you can’t go wrong really when giving a little to a good cause.

If you missed the chance to buy the ebook, you can buy it from Amazon all over the world. Just click on the Amazon best suited to you.





UPDATE: Just a quick update on where my novel ‘The Black Petal’ is at – I have received the first set of edits back from my editor Doug. I’ve finished them and awaiting some more. To bide my time, I have now finished the complete story arc for book two and what is left for that is to finish the detailed chapter plans I like to do and then the actual writing process.

Who took part in NaNo? How is your writing coming along? I’d love to know – get in touch.

Did you hear me on the radio? If you did, I’d love to know what you thought – if you need any information about the ebook, have a question for me or simply about Pancreatic Cancer, I’ll be glad to help you out.


3 thoughts on “My BBC Radio Interview

  1. Congratulations, Dan – you did it! Don’t worry about the voice thing – we all hate hearing our own voice (unless we’re Morgan Freeman!) 😀

    1. lol – too true Dianne! Thanks for the support :0)

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