Editor Employed!

I feel so lucky at the moment, especially when it comes to my writing. My ebook dedicated to my stepmum has done reasonably well, where of course half of the royalties will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK. Everyone around me seems to be getting ill too – in our town, a nasty bug has taken hold and making everyone feel awful. I, luckily, haven’t caught it. I feel fine!

Also, i have two great volunteers currently reading my full manuscript of the The Black Petal. They have given me some valuable insights already and i want to personally thank Jack Croxall and Tony Gilbert, both for being so kind, but also because of their keen eye and interest in my story. Thanks guys, you are great! Please do check out their websites/twitter feeds.

However, i received another rejection today from a well known agency. Unfortunately it wasn’t for them. I wasn’t too dismayed however, as first thing this morning i had an email back from a lovely chap called Doug Watts. At the recommendation of Katy Krump (author of Blue Dust: Forbidden), i got in touch to see if he could have a look at my manuscript and consider working with me to improve it. He is a professional after all.

Doug Watts works for the JBWB, which stands for the Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau; a professional editing service for writers. He offered to sample his skill with the first 300 words of my manuscript for free, which i instantly agreed to. When i received his response however, i was mesmerised by how professional, yet thorough he was at tearing up my grammar and instantly suggested alternatives or simply ‘needs rethinking’ – urging me to whip my brain into gear; because let’s face it, it’s not up to him to write for me, he’s simply showing me where I’ve gone wrong.

It’s really important for me to work alongside with an editor; an editor who isn’t afraid of me asking questions and butting in. No matter what happens with my book, whether it eventually gets accepted and published or i selfpublish, i would love an editor to stay the distance with me across the entire trilogy so it is important for me have someone who understands me, understands my writing style and understands what it is i am trying to achieve.

At first i thought it was possibly a little derogatory for me to get an editor on board, simply because i am a writer, i shouldn’t need to be corrected. But after finally snapping my brain out of its naive narrow mindedness, it’s essential i get a publishing deal. I am in this for keeps, not just a small project on the side and i need to build up contacts along the way.

If you are trying to get published, i’d definitely recommend an editor. Someone who understands you and your genre. You can visit the JBWB here. A professional editor always offers a free sample of their work without taking payment and an no obligation offer is always best. What have you got to lose if you get 300 words edited with no obligation; take a risk, i dare you. You may be surprised to see where you may have been going wrong.

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6 thoughts on “Editor Employed!

  1. Good luck. I am sending wishes from Ohio!

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated! How is Ohio treating you Seth?

      1. Fine. I wish I were traveling though. 🙂

      2. Sorry, I wish I “was” traveling. Bad bad me! 😉

  2. Well done, Dan. Best of luck with it all 🙂

    1. It is the best route isn’t it? It does need to be done …

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