Library Book Addict!

I’ve just popped into town to post a book to author Keris Stainton and whilst i was stuck in the Post Office queue, i thought to myself ‘I think i’ll go have a gander in the library whilst i’m here.’ You see, really, usually that isn’t a bad thought for someone to have whilst they are happily daydreaming in a queue. You see – for me that is a bad idea.

I already have a list of books to read; in fact i actually have them at home, pilled up waiting ever so calmly for me to give them some attention. I am still reading Deborah HarknessShadow of Night, although i am purposely taking my time with that one, because i absolutely love the way she writes and i just don’t want it to end. Is that a little sad?

Anyhow, waiting for me are three books. Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales, Raymond Khoury’s The Devil’s Elixir and Lemony Snicket’s Who Could That Be At This Hour? Philip Pullman is my all time favourite author and so his book is a no brainer. The Devil’s Elixir is Raymond Khoury’s third novel in the Templar Series and after enjoying the previous two, it was a must when i saw it on special offer at Waterstones. Now you could say that Lemony Snicket novels are a little too young for me, but i fell in love with his A Series of Unfortunate Events novels. They were well written and hugely original and his new book is part one of a series of prequel novels.

Anyhow, i digress. You are probably wondering what they have to do with a visit to the library? Well, i shouldn’t really be borrowing books from the library when i have a wide range of books already waiting. The problem is *ahem* i just can’t help myself when i go in. I just stand there and stare at the books, addicted to the smell and sights. I can usually come away with a pile of books, but as soon as i realised what i was doing, i stopped and told myself, OK. ‘Limit yourself to just a few’. A FEW! That could mean up to three of four!

I gave in; i have to admit it. I came away with three titles, which i am going to share with you.

The first two novels are by author Marcus Sedgwick; a particular favourite of mine. I loved his novels The Book of Dead Days and Witch Hill. He has an absorbingly gothic style that carresses my dark side and when i saw two of his novels (I’ve been meaning to read) i thought, why not? They are White Crow and My Swordhand is Singing. Both books were shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. He seemingly mixes life and death with gothic settings and they are wonderfully readable.

The last book i borrowed was a bit of a risk for me. You may remember my post about The Casual Vacancy a while ago. If you did read that, you will already be aware that i am not a huge fan of JK Rowling. I’ve read the first three Harry Potter books, which i can confidently say that the first two were awful. I was drawn a little closer with The Prisoner of Azkaban. A bit darker, but still suffered from a weird structure i couldn’t quite enjoy.

So as you’ve probably guessed, i’ve borrowed a JK Rowling book. The Tales of Beedle the Bard to be exact. You are probably scratching your heads right now, wondering why the hell i would even consider this, especially if i didn’t enjoy the first few HP books. Well, my reasoning was that i keep trying to convince myself to give JK Rowling another chance. Apart from The Casual Vacancy there isn’t much choice apart from more Harry Potter novels and so i picked this one which obviously fits in with the Harry Potter universe without exactly involving Harry Potter – do you catch my drift? I’ll give it go anyway – and besides have you seen the size of the next HP book The Goblet of Fire?

What do you think to my list? Have you read any of them or have you heard of the authors? But what about libraries? Do you borrow an awful lot? Do you dislike them? Or are you like me – are you an addict?

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