Sci Fi eBook Competition

OK, so it is the seventh and final day of Sci Fi Week on my blog and there could have been so much more things I could have talked about. I could have talked about Jurassic Park, which has elements of Sci Fi in it and the possible return of the franchise. I could have talked about hit UK Sci Fi comedy Red Dwarf, which has returned for its tenth series on digital channel Dave. I could even have talked about Science Fiction in gaming; the popularity of World of Warcraft for example of the Warhammer series of models.

But alas, I have tried to include a wide variety of posts here this week. Books, author interviews, Film, TV. I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting a genre week and may look to do another sometime in the future. It has allowed me to connect with some new acquaintances and hopefully the book reviews and author interviews posted this week has given you readers as well as the authors themselves something to remember.

To celebrate the books this week as well as the science fiction genre, i have a free copy of both Elizabeth Guizzetti’s Other Systems and Katy Krump’s Blue Dust: Forbidden up for grabs.

Other Systems is available in the following eBook formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI and to go with your free copy, the author has kindly thrown in FIVE exclusive wallpaper artwork exclusive to the Other Systems galaxy.

Blue Dust: Forbidden is available in the eBook format of MOBI and to go with your free copy, the author has kindly agreed to send the winner a very personal email message that you can print out and keep forever.

OK – to the technical bit. You can enter the draw for both books, but there is only one free copy of a single book to one person. PLEASE be aware that the competition is for an Ebook only and you must support the above file types.

The competition is open for one week and will end on Sunday 11th November 2012.

To enter simply fill in the form below – simple.

The Competition is now closed. Winners will be contacted directly. Thanks to everyone who entered.

I really do hope you have enjoyed this week alongside me, reading my posts. Get in touch if you have any questions and stay reading Sci Fi, because i know i will.

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