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For day three of Sci Fi week on my blog, I thought I’d talk about Sci Fi on the big screen! Science Fiction films have been around for decades and have unsurprisingly been a hit. And just like the novel counterparts, Sci Fi films have taken a wide range of themes.

I think the very first Science Fiction film I saw must be Back to the Future, which will come as no surprise to you, one of the most successful film series within the genre. First released in 1985 and featuring a young Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, Marty (Fox) accidentally is sent back in time using a time machine car created by Dr (Doc) Brown. Whilst he is there he meets his future parents and as he changes the past, he must set things right and make sure his parents fall in love; otherwise he may never come to exist. It may sound a little cheesy, but it still so watchable today and has actually grossed over $350 million worldwide.

But if we are talking about child friendly Science Fiction films, we simply can’t ignore Steven Spielberg’s E.T. It has been voted as the best Science Fiction film ever released and stars a very young Drew Barrymore, though apparently she doesn’t like to talk about it. It was a film that was so endearing and heart wrenching and I remember when I moved house and my bedroom was the attic room. The window was in the roof right above my bed and I use to wish a spaceship would come and land on my house so I could meet ET himself.

But Science Fiction can take many roles and can appeal to more action orientated adults too. Perhaps well budgeted film examples are The Terminator and The Predator 2; films which obviously are well recognisable even today, decades after they were made. In these action Sci Fi films, violence plays a huge part and though it isn’t for everyone, you can’t deny the impact they have had on future films released after them.

But what about the very first Sci Fi film I hear you ask? According to online sources Georges Melies’ Le Voyage dans la Lune is credited as the very first. Release in black and white in 1902, it is now over one hundred years old and is only 14 minutes long. I wonder if anyone still living has seen it today?

Recently, the biggest Science Fiction films to be released has to be Inception and Prometheus. Both entirely different and equally as successful. Inception stars Leonardo Di Caprio and involves people entering human target’s dreams and retrieving information hidden within the darkest depths of their memory or sub conscious. It is extremely well acted and is very well structured and I do recommend everyone to watch this. It’s a puzzle of a film that really gets you thinking, especially about what may be around the corner of what is possible and what is not.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a sort of prequel to his massive Alien series and I’m yet to see it. I am however a big Aliens fan and this series, as most of you know, follows a more horror element to the Sci Fi Genre. The Alien series helped launch Sigorney Weaver as one of the most successful female actors of the genre, hailing her as Queen of Sci Fi.

Perhaps the most successful comedy Sci Fi film series has to Will Smith’s Men in Black, which has recently released its third instalment and winning over a new generation of Sci Fi enthusiasts. It introduces the audience to Aliens in a very different way to most films, which usually depict them as evil or something to be scared of, whereas Men in Black helps try to show a somewhat peaceful co-existence.


There a huge array of popular and well known films I haven’t mentioned including Masters of the Universe, Mad Max, Robocop, Mars Attacks! and a well known series that I have yet to mention, BUT that series deserves a sepearte post coming later this week. Of course I wouldn’t forget about it.

But what are some of your favourite Science Fiction films? What was your earliest? Do you think the genre has changed much from the 80’s and 90’s to more recent years?

*Coming Tomorrow: Blue Dust: Forbidden by Katy Krump and an interview with the author herself!*

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