Sci-Fi Week Coming …

I am currently reading two Sci- Fi books at the moment and to celebrate this genre, i will be running a Sci-Fi week on my blog from Monday 29th October – Sunday 4th November. This means i will be posting a new post every day of that week with the subject being Sci-Fi!

Sci-Fi is a subject / genre i have read probably the least, but a subject i have a lot of respect for. It can’t be easy writing a novel completely from your imagination with little realistic examples to base your novel from. You have to completely write a new set of rules; rules we have yet to discover and wonder at.

Be sure to keep tuned by subscribing by email to my blog to discover Sci-Fi week where i’ll be interviewing Sci-Fi authors Katy Krump and Elizabeth Guizzetti, find out my favourite Sci-Fi TV shows and a chance to win some fantastic Sci-Fi eBooks. If you love Sci-Fi then you’ll definitely want to read more.

Monday 29th October – Sunday 4th November

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2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Week Coming …

    1. Thanks Dianne. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts :0)

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